The 5 BEST Slots for Wagering Revealed

When it comes to beating the wagering requirements at an online casino, it all comes down to the slots you choose to play. You simply have to play the best slots for wagering. That is unless you get some free spins on no wagering slots, so you don’t have to worry about the wagering requirements at all.

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Almost every experienced player will tell you that the best wager slots are NetEnt games. Yes, they have some great slots in their offer where you can win big, but they also have a lot of good low wagering slots where you can wager massive amounts of money without letting your balance drain by too much.

What Are the Best Slots for Wagering?

Here is a list of the best slots for wagering big bonus amounts. These will help you beat wagering requirements more often. Remember, these are good slots for wagering because they’re low volatility games.

1. Starburst

Starburst Slot

Starburst is a classic when it comes to NetEnt slots. It’s also one of the best choices you can go for when choosing good slots for wagering. This is a low variance game, so get ready to see lots of small to medium wins on a regular basis. Starburst is the perfect slot to play on higher bets where you normally lose about 10-20% of your balance within 100 spins, or you even end up in a small plus.

2. Koi Princess

Koi Princess Slot

Koi Princess has earned the reputation as a hit slot among NetEnt fans. The reason it’s in our best slots for wagering list is that the game usually shells out a few features within 100 spins. There’s also no need to activate the Bonus Bet feature, because as we noticed it does absolutely nothing to increase your chances in hitting the bonus. So, play this game for 100 spins on higher bets, and with some luck, you can hit a nice payout to increase your balance a bit or end up with a minuscule lost.

3. King of Slots

King of Slots

King of Slots rightfully deserves its place among the best NetEnt slots for wagering. This is a low volatility slot with a Sticky Wins design. The thing about this game is that usually, you get a medium payout every 10-20 spins. This makes it perfect for wagering a bonus as you rarely lose a big portion of your starting balance.

4. Vikings

Vikings Slot

Vikings may be a high volatility slot, but it has earned the title of one of the best slots for wagering in 2020. Yes, the game can eat a lot of balance, but the base play features can award medium to big wins. If you hit the bonus round in 200-300 spins, you have a chance to win everything back and even end up with a big plus on your balance.

5. Dazzle Me

Dazzle Me Slot

Dazzle Me is another great slot to play for meeting any wagering requirements. The slot has fun gameplay with frequent payouts, so you can easily play 100 spins or more and end up with the same balance you started with. At the same time, the bonus rounds can produce some nice payouts, so you can even come up a bit ahead with some luck on your side.

When you’ve chosen one of these best wagering slots to play, check out our strategies for beating wagering requirements. It’s not just about the game – it’s also about how you bet.