Games of Chance

Games of chance are those which don’t involve any skill whatsoever. You step up to the table or machine, place a wager, and hope that lady luck shows up. Since they don’t involve strategy or skill, they can be a lot of fun. They’re entertaining and are a great way to switch off and relax. … Read more

How to Win Blackjack

We’re going to show you how to win blackjack more often. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you how to win it every time, because that’s impossible. We’ll explain why by showing you the blackjack house edge and how that gives the casino a slight mathematical advantage, which will eventually beat you. Before we begin, let us … Read more

How to win a million dollars

How to Win a Million Dollars

So, you want to know how to win a million dollars, but you don’t want to pay for some BS ebook, and you don’t want to resort to crime to do so, right? Congratulations, you’re a normal human, and you’ve found the right guide to winning your first million. Before we show you what your … Read more

How to Win the Lottery

We wish we could tell you how to win the lottery guaranteed, but we can’t. However, we can definitely help you to improve your chances by a lot. Please take our advice and ignore anyone who tells you they have a guaranteed lotto system. Many of these are scams that aim to take advantage of … Read more

How to Win at Slots

Every casino player in the world wants to know how to win at slots. If we could only lock down this one secret, we’d be able to print money on demand. We can’t tell you how to win at slots every time, and anyone who claims they can is lying to you. However, we can … Read more

What Roulette Can Teach You About the Coronavirus

It’s not very often that we can look to casino games to teach us about a global viral epidemic, but the rapid spread of the coronavirus is one such occasion. We have been watching the spread of this virus, and we have noticed that the doubling period seems to be every six days. Humans have … Read more

Belfast Casinos

We recently received this email from Robert in London. He’s headed to Belfast for a stag party, and he’s wondering if there are any Belfast casinos that he can visit. Here’s what Robert asked us. Dear editor, I’ve been reading our site for months, and I’ve found lots of useful gambling information on your blog. … Read more

A guide to Jakarta Casinos

Jakarta Casinos – Gambling in Indonesia

We get a lot of reader questions, and today we’re going to answer one from Greg in California. He’s moving to Indonesia, and he wants to know what the gambling situation is there, especially in relation to Jakarta casinos. Greg asked us the following: Hey Gamblerspro crew, I’m a long-time reader of yours, but I’ve … Read more

A guide to gambling and casinos in Bali

Bali Casinos – A Guide to Gambling in Paradise

Today we’re going to answer a question from Scott in Sydney. He’s going to Bali for a holiday, and he wants to know about Bali casinos. This is Scott’s original email. Hey guys, I’m headed to Bali for a whole month of sun and surfing at the end of March. I can’t wait as I’ve … Read more

How to Win Bingo

Are you ready to learn how to win at bingo? We have written this bingo guide to be suitable for beginners and intermediate players. You can read it through or skip forward to the section that interests you most. Each section contains bingo tips and game information to help you win bingo more often and … Read more