Responsible Gambling At Betway

This page takes a look at the steps taken for responsible gambling at Betway. Straight off the bat, Betway promotes responsible gambling in its slider menu on the front page of its website. This is a positive start as it is clearly making customers aware of the issue, which is a good thing.

Responsible Gambling Betway

Safe Gambling: tips & advice

Betway states that gambling should be a form of entertainment. While we wholeheartedly agree with this, we also know the thrill and excitement of hitting a few big winners is a powerful drug. The website offers the following tips:

  • Always keep a track of how much time and money you spend on gambling.
  • Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose. Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Ten losses in a row doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to win the next time. Don’t succumb to silly gambler’s fallacies.
  • While knowledge and skill can help; there is always going to an element of luck involved. Sometimes this is on your side, other times it’s with the bookmaker (or casino operator).

Tools for responsible gambling at Betway

All of the leading online gambling companies offer a set of tools that customers can use to manage their gambling. Betway provides such things as:
  • Deposit limits: a quick and easy way to limit your daily, weekly or monthly expenditure at Betway. We highly recommend imposing these limits upon yourself from the moment you join.
  • Session reminders: more for Betway Casino players although it does apply to all users of the platform. It’s easy to immerse yourself into the site. These reality checks will hopefully keep things real.
  • Take a break: this tool allows you to self-exclude yourself for a period of time ranging from one week to one year.
  • Account closure: rather more permanent, Betway makes it easy to close your account if customers deem it necessary.

External links provided

Betway provides the following links which customers with gambling issues will benefit from. To block gambling websites from your computer or mobile device:

To get professional advice if you or someone you know has a problem with gambling:


It’s a start but operators, including Betway, can always do more. Certainly, it is pleasing to see this site promote responsible gambling on its front page, but it’s a little diluted thereafter. Some sites, like Mr Green with Green Gaming, offer more comprehensive tools that track your play and let you know if your gambling is healthy. We would like to see Betway introduce something similar.