Lucky Keno Player Goes on Epic Win Streak at Stake.US

There are few feelings more thrilling than going on an epic win streak when playing your favorite casino games.

Recently, one lucky player watched his balance mushroom after going on a multi-win streak on mini keno at Stake.US.

A lucky keno winning streak at Stake.US

The lucky player made 10 picks on ‘high risk’ mode at Stake.US Casino. His initial wager was 20 SC (Stake Cash). Here’s how it went for him.

He won an 8x payout for 160 SC on his initial wager.
He then won a 13x payout for a 260 SC win.
He increased his wager to 60 SC and won 8x for a 480 SC payout.
He decreased his stake to 30 SC and lost twice.
He then wagered 100 SC and won 3.5x for a 350 SC payout.
The final 100 SC bet won him 8x for 800 SC.

Talk about multiplying your bankroll quickly! Real money keno is just one of those games where, when Lady Luck shows up, it can all happen in a flash.

Did the player use any particular keno strategies?

It doesn’t appear so. From the video stake shared, he picked numbers 2, 5, 9, 10, 11, 13, 18, 19, 20, and 21.

Since there were only 40 numbers on the board, this accounted for ¼ of them, and they were almost all low numbers. Perhaps these were his lucky numbers? Only he knows.

If you watch the video, you’ll note that he didn’t change his numbers. He kept them for the duration, and all of the wins came from the same picks. That’s the power of a win streak with keno patterns that win – they can pay again and again.

What happened next after the big winning streak?

Unfortunately, we don’t know. Stake.US only shared the winning streak, as casinos like to show they are lucky to attract new players. Did this player go on to lose his winnings, or did he have the good sense to cash out and walk away while he was ahead? We’ll never find out.

In any case, advises all of our readers to cash out at some time when you’re on a roll. For example, with this player’s winnings, it would be easy to cash out 200 SC, which is 10x the initial wager, and have fun with the rest.

Taking some money off the table when you’re up by this much is the way to ensure you have a good time and walk away in the green. Losing it all to greed is painful and is a sign of being a degenerate gambler.

Is Stake.US a legit keno site?

Yes, it’s one of the fastest-growing gambling brands in the world. The rapper Drake is infamous for streaming his roulette gaming sessions at Stake.US, and with its easy registration, generous promos, and a huge selection of games, including slots, live games, keno, and more, the Stake.US social casino is only going to grow.

Feel free to check it out or take a look at some of our other honest online casinos for an idea of where to play. We have full site reviews with generous bonuses for all new players.