Big Bet Results in €131,889.55 Mega Roulette Win

What would you do with a €131,889.55 Mega Roulette win? That’s the question one lucky 1xBet Casino will now answer after receiving this colossal payout.

1xBet posted news of this win on its official X page. However, it didn’t reveal information on the bet size and whether a win multiplier came into play.

Clearly, this was the work of a high stakes roulette player. The maximum multiplier on Mega Roulette is 500x. Assuming it was this multiplier, the player would have needed to bet €263.78 (or currency equivalent). If the multiplier were smaller, the stake would be even higher, which is how I can deduce it was a mighty high roller in action.

Mega Roulette – A Classic Game with 500x Multipliers

Since the buzz of Evolution’s Lightning Roulette shook up the live casino vertical, many other live dealer specialists have been scrambling to create something similar.

Enter Pragmatic Play Live’s Mega Roulette. Aside from the studio decor and minor elements in the presentation of this game, Mega Roulette is basically the same as Lightning Roulette.

In a nutshell, this is roulette but with a twist – win multipliers of up to 500x. At the start of a spin, after the betting window has closed, between 1 and 5 lucky numbers are chosen at random, and each one is given a multiplier ranging from 50x to 500x.

This only applies to straight-up (single number) bet. For example, if you bet on number 10, and this number is randomly chosen to have a 500x multiplier, you win 500 times your bet if the ball finishes on your number.

To cover the increased payouts of the multipliers, the standard payout for a winning straight-up bet without a multiplier has been reduced to 29:1. On a traditional game, the payout is 35:1.

All of the other roulette betting options and payouts remain the same. You can bet on colors, odd/even, and hi/lo with the usual 1:1 payouts. Alternatively, columns and dozens still pay 2:1, and so on.

Live Mega Roulette Strategy

It’s imperative that you approach Mega Roulette with a solid strategy, or you’ll burn through your bankroll in double-quick time.

For me, the only reason to play this variant over a regular table is for the multipliers. However, the RTP on the straight-up bet is estimated to be around 96.50%, which is down from 97.30% on European Roulette.

My Mega Roulette strategy is to minimum bet all 37 numbers. This guarantees me a payout every game, but non-multiplier wins only return 30 units, so I lose 7 betting units each round. This is why I bet the table minimum.

Of course, I’m waiting for the ball to land on one of the numbers with a multiplier. Depending on the number of spins and the multiplier’s size, it’s possible to come away with a small profit.

If you believe in streaks, Mega Roulette offers several statistics, including the results of the last 40 games, so you can see which numbers won and if a multiplier was attached. You can bet on hot and cold numbers, but it is important to remember that the roulette wheel has no memory. Any number can win at any time, which is part of what makes this game so captivating.