EPL Predictions

EPL predictions software is all the rage right now, but does it work? Can a computer program actually help you to beat the bookie on a more frequent basis? Gamblers Pro intends to find out.

Throughout the course of the 2019/2020 English Premier League season, our team is going to review several popular Premier League prediction apps and list their recommended bets on this page for our readers to compare against our in-house EPL betting tips experts, Mr G himself.

English Premier League Predictions for Saturday

After taking a bit of a battering recently, the prediction software is running at a loss. However, this is a marathon, not a sprint. There’s a long way to go in Premier League season, so we’ll see how this pans out.

These are the best bets of the weekend for game week 8 in the Premier League. As always, we only bet on what the software classifies as Rank A predictions:

Newcastle vs Manchester United 
Bet: 1X (Double Chance market)
Probability: 78%
Bookmaker Odds: 2.01

Arsenal vs Bournemouth
Bet: X2 (Double Chance market)
Probability: 53%
Bookmaker Odds: 2.97

We found a couple of very interesting Rank B bets which we thought we’d share. For our season-long Premier League predictions, we don’t use these, but you can certainly can.

Burnley vs Everton
Bet: Over 2.5 (Total Goals market)
Probability: 55%
Bookmaker Odds: 2.20

West Ham vs Crystal Palace
Bet: West Ham win (1X2 market)
Probability: 59%
Bookmaker Odds: 2.09

Understandably, if you’ve never tinkered with computer programmes that churn out EPL betting tips, you may be confused as to how the software is arriving at these predictions. In short, based on known data, the programme will offer an ‘estimated probability prediction’ for each possible outcome.

Example: Chelsea vs Leicester (from matchday 2), the software estimated a 30% chance of the match being a draw. Next, it compares this figure with the betting odds (which were as high as 4.00 at some bookmakers) to see if this wager is profitable over the long-term. i.e: we win 3 out of 10 bets (30%). The winning bets each return 3 betting units profit = 9 in total. We lost 7 betting units from the other wagers. Overall profit +2 betting units.

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The bankroll

If this is your first time viewing this page; this section is to keep a check on the overall bankroll throughout the season. To keep things simple, we place a €10.00 straight single on each EPL betting tip the computer throws up.

Having started the week with a slender profit of €4.65, we saw all four bets lose. Therefore, the current profit/loss running total is:


Premier League Table Predictions

Many of our readers have asked us for our 2019-2020 Premier League table predictions so they can place their outright bets.

To be honest, we couldn’t find enough value in the market this season for it to interest us. We believe Manchester City and Liverpool will be the two teams battling it out again. None of the chasing pack have added enough quality to mount a serious threat in our opinion.

With Man City being priced at 1.50 with some bookies and Liverpool as low as 3.50, you can see why we’ve given this a wide berth. Having said that, Arsenal at 51.00 did raise an eyebrow for a cheeky each-way punt, but only the top two places pay at most betting sites, so decided to sit this one out.

EPL Predictions – Man Vs Machine

Match statistics and analytics have become more widespread in recent years. Perhaps, punters watched Brad Pitt in Moneyball and all wanted to join the Sabermetrics party.

We’re certain that there is value in this data which is why we decided to set up this challenge. We hope you find it interesting and that the EPL predictions we provide are of value.

Best Free EPL Tips FAQ

A. What is the difference between Rank A, B, C and D bets?

Quite simply, Rank A bets ‘should’ be more profitable over the duration of the season. This doesn’t necessarily just mean winning bets, the odds have right as well.

A. Why doesn’t the software predict Liverpool and Man City to win?

While these two teams do win a lot of games, bookmakers don’t offer enough value in the market compared to the implied risk. For example: Man City vs Brighton. The match outcome probabilities are 83% Man City win. 12% draw and 5% Brighton win. Man City are 1.08 (at some bookies). Therefore, if you placed this bet at these odds 100 times and won 83 times, you would end up at a loss.

Disclaimer: Our Epl expert predictions are made for entertainment only. We do not take any responsibility for financial loss incurred as a result of real money wagers placed on these EPL predictions.