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One of the most popular card games on is their version of Caribbean Stud Poker. This game is loved both by offline and online poker players due to its simplicity and the fact that you are only playing against the dealer akin to Blackjack. This form of poker also comes with a progressive jackpot so if it’s your lucky, then you ready could fill your boots with cash.

Let’s delve inside and get a little taster of the game and how to play it.

As it is a form of poker, the poker hand ranks apply – so if you aren’t sure which hands beat which – check out our poker hands ranks post first.

Okay, ready to jump in, let’s take a look at how to play a bit of Caribbean Stud.

The image below is the playing table.  On the left, in red, is the current progressive jackpot total along with a list of the hands which qualify. As we are just starting out – let’s leave her alone today.

caribbean stud on

So, to begin a game, you have to place a bet. To do this just select the amount you want to bet from the chip pile down on the left – if you’ve already played a few hands, you can simply hit Rebet and the same bet as your last will be fronted. Let’s throw $5 in there – this goes in the ANTE circle.

Then hit ‘Deal’

caribbean stud on

Our five cards appear face up –the casino tells you if you have a hand or not. As you can see below, we are holding Ace/King.

From the dealer’s 5 cards, only one of those is available for viewing – again similar to Blackjack.

From here, we have the choice of ‘call’ or ‘fold’

A ‘call’ BET will cost you double your ANTE. So, for us, it will be $10

Ace/King is a playable especially as the dealer has a 5 showing so let’s hit this.

caribbean stud on

The dealers cards are flipped over and as you can see, we won. But, how much did we win and how is it worked out?

Caribbean Stud 4

The hand above shows us that we won $20 but $15 of that was ours to begin with so we actually won $5 from the house.

Here’s how it works – the dealer needs to have a hand of Ace/King or better to play. With the hand above the dealer had naff all so all we win is double the ANTE which was $5 (+ our $15 = $20)

Now if the dealer has a hand of Ace/King or better then the odds table on the right of the screen/image comes into operation.

Here (below), we bet on a pair of 8s and the dealer qualified because he had Ace/King so we won $30. This is because one pair is 1 to 1. So our $5 ANTE and $10 BET is matched.

Caribbean Stud 5.jpg

In this hand (below) we were dealt 3 of a kind but the blooming dealer didn’t qualify so again we only won the double ANTE bet.

Caribbean Stud 6

Three of a kind again – we’re on a roll! The dealer qualifies to play because he has a pair so we won $50 as 3 of a kind is worth 3 to 1 (see the odds table to the right).

Caribbean Stud 7.jpg

Our ANTE ($5) matched by the Dealer = $10

$10 our BET at 3 to 1 odds = $30

Adding up $10 + $10 + $30 = $50

And that’s all there is to it! The really appealing feature of Caribbean Stud Poker is the progressive jackpot. As a standard game, the house edge stands at about 5.3% which in all honesty isn’t very good for the player but if the progressive jackpot is high enough and you hit the monster hand, then it’s beers all round.

Also, you don’t need to have a good poker face like you would playing Texas Holdem – it’s just you playing your cards against the dealer.

The basic Caribbean Stud poker strategy, which was developed and explained by mathematicians Peter Griffin and John M. Gwynn Jr. in a paper titled “An Analysis of Caribbean Stud Poker”, suggests that a player should always make the Bet wager when he/she has a hand of Ace – King – Jack – 8 – 3 or better.

Olaf Vancura, in his book ‘Smart Casino Gambling’ offers 5 additional strategy rules that reduce the house edge by another 1/10 of 1%:

  • Always fold if you hold nothing.
  • Always make the Bet wager if you have a pair or better.
  • If you have Ace-King, make the Bet wager IF one of your other 3 cards matches the dealer’s up card.
  • If you have Ace-King-Queen or Ace-King-Jack, make the Bet wager if one of your other 2 cards matches the dealer’s up card.
  • Make the Bet wager if you hold Ace-King-Queen-x-y if the dealer’s up card is less than x. (X is greater than Y in this strategy.)

Why not give it a try today? offers some great free money tables for you to practice on before getting involved in the real thing…..Click below to find out more!


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