What is an Ace Worth in Blackjack?

What is an Ace worth in blackjack? It can be worth either 11 or 1, whatever is best for the player’s current hand.

For example, if you have a 10 and an Ace, it is worth 11, giving you the perfect blackjack hand worth 21.

However, if you have a two tens and an Ace, it’s worth 1, also giving you the perfect blackjack hand of 21. In this case, if your Ace was played as 11, you’d be bust with a hand worth 31.

So, the simple answer is: an Ace can be worth either 11 or 1 in a game of blackjack. You don’t have to decide how to play it. It’s automatically decided for you depending on what is best.

What is a King Worth in blackjack?

You could also ask ‘What is a Queen worth in blackjack?’ They’re both worth the same – 10. All face cards in blackjack are worth 10. So, if you have a King and a Queen, then your hand is worth 20. You should play that hand as is, but if you do choose to hit, you’d better hope it’s an ace or you’ll go bust.

What is a Joker worth in blackjack?

Like the other face cards, jokers are worth 10 in blackjack. It’s simple to remember this rule – if it has a face on it, it’s worth 10.

The ideal blackjack hand is either two face cards and an ace, in which case the Ace is worth one, or one face card and an Ace, in which case the Ace is worth 11. Either way, you get 21 and win. Most blackjack games also pay you 3:2 for getting blackjack (21) right out of the deck.

Do blackjack card values change according to variants?

No, they do not. Variants decide certain rules such as whether you can surrender early, make side bets, etc. However, whether you’re playing classic, Vegas Strip, Buster, or any of the other variants, the card values are the same. Your Ace is always worth either 1 or 11 and your face cards are always worth 10.