I Hate Casinos

Today we have another reader email to address. It’s titled “I hate casinos.”

Dear Gamblerspro team,

My name is Theodore and I’m writing from the Netherlands. I just wanted to say that I hate casinos.

I started playing a year ago, and while I enjoy the games, I hate the casinos themselves. You just can’t win! I’m sure the games are rigged and the casinos are so greedy. Even the legit online casinos have endless tricks to get you to deposit.

Anyway, I don’t know of this is just a phase or if I’ll hate casinos for the rest of my life. I wish I could enjoy them again. Do you have any advice?

Dear Theodore,

First of all, thanks for writing and expressing your feelings about casinos. We’re going to get straight to the point today – you need to take a break from gambling and it needs to start now.

If you hate casinos to the point where you feel the need to write about it, honestly, that sounds like all the fun has stopped. You know that they say “When the fun stops, stop!” right? That’s sound advice and you should definitely listen to it.

You have expressed some strong negative feelings about casinos cheating you and being dishonest. It is possible that you’re playing at a rogue casino, but it’s not likely that they’re cheating you. In all probability this is your mind trying to justify your losses.

Hating casinos is a clear sign that you’re losing too much. You should never feel strong emotions like that about a harmless source of entertainment. If you were just losing small change, you wouldn’t care so much about it. The fact that you feel so strongly suggests that it has become a problem for you.

So, what should you do? We have a few suggestions.

  • First, try to quit gambling for 90 days. Self-exclude from the casinos you play at and enlist help from trusted loved ones if you think you won’t manage.
  • Second, record how you feel during this period in a diary. This can help you recognize patterns in your gambling habits. Try to spot if you want to play at casinos on tough days at work, after a fight with your partner, or because you’re bored.
  • Lastly, monitor how you feel about casinos after 90 days. If you still hate casinos, give it a permanent break. However, it’s likely that the break will help you put things in perspective and you’ll see that you aren’t being cheated, but that you’re losing because every casino game had a house edge which means if you keep playing long-term, you will lose.

Remember, casino games are supposed to be a fun source of entertainment. If you hate casinos, it’s no longer fun, and that means you need to stop.

We hope this helps and good luck!