The Paroli Baccarat System

We like to put baccarat betting systems to the test, and in this piece, we turn our attention to the Paroli baccarat system.

This system isn’t exclusively for baccarat. It’s a positive progression system which can be used in other casino games like roulette, too. However, the topic of concern here is whether the Paroli betting system can help you win baccarat more often. Rather than just theorize, we decided to put it to the test.

We’ll explain what the Paroli baccarat system is and how to use it, then we’ll show you our results with it. We’ve included a video so you can see how to use it first-hand.

What Is the Paroli Baccarat System?

If you read our piece on the Martingale baccarat system, you’ll know that the idea is to increase your bets after a loss. The Paroli system works in the opposite way. With this system, your aim is to take advantage of winning streaks rather than make back losses.

We’ve all experienced a winning streak at some point or another. If you use the Paroli baccarat system, you’ll be poised to take maximum advantage of them.

Here’s an example of how it would work in a game of standard baccarat:

You bet £1 on banker and win. You then bet £2 on player and win. Sensing you may be on a streak, you bet £4 on player and win. At this point, you should consider walking away because all streaks come to an end, and lady luck has a way of punishing greed.

Sharp thinkers will already have realized the danger here – push your luck one hand too far, and you’ll end up in the red quickly. That’s the inherent flaw in this system, but the point is to never push your luck beyond three wins before going back to the start.

It sounds good in theory, doesn’t it? So, we decided to put the Paroli baccarat strategy to the test. The next section will break down what we found.

Does The Paroli System Work for Baccarat?

If you’ve never used the Paroli system for baccarat before, this video will show you how it’s done. Take a few minutes and watch it to familiarize yourself with how to bet on wins and losses. It will also give you a quick glimpse into whether the Paroli system actually helps you win baccarat.

The Disadvantages of the Paroli System for Baccarat

All baccarat betting systems have flaws built into them. There’s no such thing as a gambling system which lets you win every time. If there was, it’s a sure thing that the casino would ban you for using it.

  1. All win streaks come to an end. If you follow the Paroli system’s betting pattern and lose on either the second or third hands, you will end up down money.
  2. Sometimes three wins in a row don’t happen in a game. Since RNGs determine game outcomes in baccarat, you could play for hours and never experience three wins in a row.
  3. It doesn’t actually change the house edge of baccarat at all. It is designed to take advantage of win streaks, which do occur, but in the end, the house always has an edge over the long term. The Paroli system doesn’t change the math of baccarat.


After testing the Paroli strategy for baccarat thoroughly, we can say for sure that it can and does allow you to capitalize on short-term win streaks, but over the longer term, it does nothing to change the odds in your favour. The house will take back everything over a long enough timeline.

If you do use this system and get lucky, walk after you win three times and have maximized profits. If you have the discipline to do that, the Paroli baccarat system can help you win more profits in the short-term than you otherwise would.

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