The Martingale Baccarat System

The Martingale baccarat system is well known and widely used, but does it actually work? That’s what we’re going to find out here. This system can be used in a few other casino games including roulette, too, but today we’ll be testing it in baccarat.

The Martingale system is a negative progression betting system. That means you double your bets when you lose, and if you win, you just make the same sized bet again.

This system only works for even money bets. Since baccarat player and banker bets pay close to even money (minus the banker’s cut for banker bets), they’re the perfect bets to try the Martingale system out on.

So, does the Martingale system help you win baccarat more often? At, we prefer concrete results rather than abstract theory, so we’ll show you our results after testing the Martingale baccarat system.

How Does the Martingale Baccarat Strategy Work?

Using the Martingale system to try to win baccarat is popular because it’s so easy. You just double your last bet when you lose, and bet the same when you win. There’s nothing complicated about it.

Since player or banker bets in baccarat are even money bets, meaning they pay 1:1, the idea is that if you double your bet when you lose, eventually you’ll win back all you have lost plus your original stake. Here’s an example of how the Martingale strategy would work for baccarat.

You bet £1 on player and lose. You then bet £2 on player and lose again. This time you bet £4 on player and win. You get your £4 stake back, plus £4 in winnings for a total of £8. That means you’ve lost £1 on the original bet and £2 on the second, losing £3, and you’ve won £4 from your £4 stake on the third bet, leaving you up £1 overall.

This is how the Martingale betting system works no matter what game you use it on. It will only work on even money bets or bets which are very close to even money.

Can the Martingale System Help Me Win Baccarat More Often?

The Martingale system has been tested hundreds of times on all kinds of games. Its flaws are well known, such as the fact that you’ll eventually run into table limits and the bets can get out of hand quickly. However, we still like to put all baccarat strategies and systems to the test ourselves. We tested the Martingale system for baccarat, and the following is what we found after starting with a £1,000 bankroll.

Are There Disadvantages to the Martingale System for Baccarat?

If you’re going to use this baccarat betting system, you have to be aware of a few potential disadvantages.

  • The Martingale system is risky. Doubling your losing bets adds up extremely quickly. Even if you start with a £1 bet, you’ll be betting over £1,000 per hand by the time you get into the double digits. You’ll need a big bankroll to succeed with this strategy because those losing streaks will come eventually.
  • You also have to consider table limits. Only use this system on high limits baccarat tables. Since the bet sizes you need to make can mushroom so quickly, low table limits will kill this system in its tracks.
  • The Martingale system does not fundamentally alter the baccarat house edge. It’s based on the law of averages that and the notion that you can’t go on an infinite losing streak. We all know this is intuitively true, but the house edge remains the same no matter what system you use.


The Martingale system can help you win in the short term, but like most baccarat betting system, it has its flaws. If you’re going to use it, you need to get in and get out after you make a predetermined amount of money, because eventually that losing streak will come and you’ll either run out of money or hit a table limit. You don’t want to be betting £1,000 or more per hand just to win back a £1 stake.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking the Martingale baccarat strategy will change the numbers behind the game. The house always has an edge no matter what, so if you find yourself in the black when using this system, don’t forget to quit while you’re ahead. Our advice is always the same – learn how to play baccarat properly, try different betting systems to see which ones work best for you, and have fun.

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