Strip Blackjack Game Guide

We’re big fans of blackjack, especially when it involves getting naked while playing. So, we decided to write this Strip Blackjack game guide for our readers.

How to Play Strip Blackjack

It is possible to play Strip Blackjack online, but we’re a gambling site, not an adult site, so we’re not going to link to those games here.

What we are going to do is tell you how to play Strip Blackjack with friends, a lover (or lovers), or anyone you want to play with!

The first thing you need to master is the basic blackjack rules. Usually, a dealer is involved, but if you’re playing as a couple or as a group, you can designate your own dealer.

Strip Blackjack Rules

(1) Like all games of blackjack, each player should be dealt two cards face down in the beginning. Be sure that the other player(s) can’t see your cards, and that they can’t see yours.

(2) If you have designated a dealer, they should control the rest of the deck. It should be face down so that they can’t see the cards. Otherwise, set the cards in the middle.

(3) Remember, the objective of Strip Blackjack is to get a hand worth 21. Aces are worth either 1 or 11, face cards are worth 10, and all other cards are worth their number value. For example, if you get an ace and an eight of hearts, it’s worth 19.

(4) Pick a player to start the game. He/she can request a card or not. This is called “hitting.” Play clockwise. Each player can request a card or can keep their hand as it is.

(5) If anyone requests a card and their hand value becomes worth more than 21, they go “bust” and lose the hand. In Strip Blackjack, this usually means that they have to remove an item of clothing. Learn things like when to double down in blackjack to increase your chances of winning each hand.

(6) Players can hit as many times as they want, but this should be done in turns. Eventually, when everyone is happy with their blackjack hand, it’s time for the showdown.

(7) All players who haven’t already gone bust turn over their Strip Blackjack hands. Whichever hand is worth 21 wins. If nobody has a hand worth 21, the hand closest to it wins. For example, if someone has a hand worth 19 and everybody else has hands worth less than that, the person with the hand worth 19 wins.

Fun variant: All losing players can turn their losing hands over as they are eliminated from the game, and you can all wait until the end and remove your clothing together. The winner of the hand may also nominate someone to remove an extra item if you want to play by those rules.

Strip Blackjack Tips

There are a few tips and tricks to help you win Strip Blackjack. If you want to get butt naked in front of everyone, feel free to ignore these. They won’t help you win every time, but they will increase your chances.

  • If your first two cards are worth 17 or more, it’s not a good idea to request another card. There are likely to be more cards in the deck that can make you go bust than those that will help you win. Learn basic blackjack strategy to increase our chances.
  • In Strip Blackjack, wear a couple of extra items of clothing. A hat, an extra pair of socks, or even a watch can give you a small advantage over other players.
  • To make the game easier for everyone and to drop inhibitions, you can add in that all losing players in each hand have to take a shot. This helps everyone drop their inhibitions.
  • Enjoy playing Strip Blackjack! Remember, it’s supposed to be fun, so don’t take it too seriously!