5 Things You Can Do to Help Speed Up Cryptocurrency Adoption

Here at GamblersPro.com, we’re all aboard the cryptocurrency bandwagon. Our team members have been scooping up Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Holo, Tron, XRP, and just about every other digital asset we think is promising in anticipation of the next bull run.

Yet, we also believe that while Bitcoin ETFs and Bakkt will help, the only long-term way for cryptocurrency to succeed it if it is adopted en masse and is actually used by everyday people.

We all tend to sit back and watch the show, knowing deep down that mass adoption is coming. But how many of us actually go out into the world and take a proactive approach to help move cryptocurrency forward? We’ve come up with five simple, easy things you can do to help your favourite cryptocurrency succeed.

(1) Tip Service Staff Extra In Crypto

Every culture has its own rules regarding tipping, yet we’ve yet to meet anyone in the service sector who will turn down a tip. The next time someone brings you a round of drinks, helps you with your bags at a hotel or does you another service, ask them if they’re interested in making a little extra on top of their cash tip by accepting cryptocurrency.

This might take five minutes of your time, but you’ll be amazed at how many people are up for it. Most people are curious about cryptocurrency, and if you’re offering them a small amount of it for free, and can show them how to quickly download a wallet and accept it in real-time, they’ll catch the crypto bug just like you did. They’ll also tell their friends and family about the unique experience they had when receiving their first crypto.

(2) Hold a Crypto Meetup In Your Community

It’s getting to the stage where most people have heard of cryptocurrency and are curious about it to some degree. If you hold a meetup to discuss it with people in your community, you’ll probably find a fair few of them show up. This doesn’t have to be a formal affair such as a speech with powerpoints and a keynote speaker. It could be as simple as five or six people meeting at a coffee shop or community centre to talk about what cryptos they hold and why, what their concerns are about crypto and the future of the industry, what they think might happen, or how to get involved.

Again, what do people do when they attend events like this? They tell their friends and family. Word spreads. Crypto mini-communities are built.

Make it clear that this is not an investment seminar and there will be no pushy sales pitch – just a relaxed, enjoyable way for people to learn and share ideas about cryptocurrency.

(3) Help Local Merchants Accept Cryptocurrency

Most merchants are looking for any way to increase the number of ways people can spend money in their establishment. You could offer a free service (or turn this into a business and charge a flat fee), to help guide them through the process of accepting cryptocurrency.

You could help them set up a Binance account, introduce them to the various crypto merchant solutions on the market and their various pros and cons, and help them understand what the benefits of accepting crypto in their store. Most will be skeptical, but leave a card, tell them to call you any time they have questions, and keep knocking doors. You’ll find that a certain percentage of merchants will be open to the idea, just as with anything else.

If cryptocurrency is not widespread in your community, you could even make it extra tempting by letting the merchants know that the local press might be interested in the first store in town to accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Free publicity is always good publicity, as far as businesses are concerned.

If you don’t want to go as far as approaching local merchants in a face-to-face manner, call up and ask them if they accept payment by Bitcoin. This might not register at first, but if they get enough calls like this, they’ll soon look into the matter.

(4) Give People Cryptos As Gifts

If you don’t want to get your father yet another tie and box of chocolates on father’s day, or you want to get him that but add something cool and different in, give him some cryptocurrency as a novel gesture. This can apply to anyone on any occasion. Most people will appreciate the novelty, and they’ll definitely appreciate it if the crypto grows over time and they can spend it or cash it out for much more than it was originally worth.

There are now Coinbase gift cards, and we’re sure a new phone or iPad with a crypto wallet installed on it, pre-loaded with some funds, would always be appreciated by the recipient. If you’re already planning to get your partner, friend, or someone else a phone, tablet, or computer, why not load 100 XRP or TRX onto it while you’re at it?

(5) Spread the World via Blogs & Social Media

You don’t have to be a gifted writer posting on Forbes to spread the word about cryptocurrency. Most people can reach hundreds (or thousands) of people on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

However, to help with crypto adoption, you don’t want to just preach to the choir. The idea is to use your influence, however big or small that might be, to spread the word to new people. Share interesting crypto-related news articles on Facebook, mention crypto solutions to problems when commenting on news articles, and if you have a blog, talk to your audience about crypto and elicit their thoughts, concerns, and ideas about how things might go.

We all have some reach these days thanks to social media. You don’t have to come across as overly crypto-fanatical. You could simply share an article every once in a while and ask a few people what they think about it.

If you don’t have a big reach yourself, try shooting off an e-mail or message to some of your favourite social media influencers. Tell them you want to tip them or buy their products using cryptocurrency. Let them know that all they have to do is publish a QR code or wallet address to open up a new revenue stream and accept micropayments. You could also ask your favourite bloggers and publications to do the same.

Spreading the Crypto Bug – A Summary

As you can see, it doesn’t take deep pockets or a huge reach to help with cryptocurrency adoption. All you have to do is talk to the people in your local community, help them understand what’s happening, show them that many of their concerns are unfounded (although admit that some are), and slowly ever so surely, help people understand how easy it is to accept crypto and cash it out, if they wish.

The Virus is Spreading – Pomp

As the popular cryptocurrency  Twitter personality ‘Pomp’ @apompalino like to say – “The Virus is Spreading!” What are you doing to help make connections and spread the word about crypto? If every one of us did just one thing on this list every day, we could speed the adoption process up by years and this bear market could be over a lot sooner than it otherwise would be.

Ready to help start spreading the word? Please share this article with the cryptocurrency community via your social media channels. HODL ON!