Trump It Deluxe Slot Review

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Let's get started with our Trump It Deluxe slot review.

This FUGASO slot is themed on none other than the bombastic President of the USA. Love him or loathe him, you have to admit he's a character, and FUGASO has done a good job of bringing Trump to life on the reels. There's a funny intro showing various world leaders associated with Trump, and the graphics are sharp, to say the least.

We try to look deeper than just the visuals in our slots reviews. We're going to unpack what Trump It Deluxe features, bonus rounds, and jackpots there are. If you're a regular reader, you'll know that we play it straight, so we'll tell you what we really think of Trump It Deluxe.

Pros & Cons

  • Free re-spins
  • Free spins bonus round
  • Huge progressive jackpot
  • Random wilds
  • N/A


Game Information


Random Overlay Wild - This can trigger on any spin in the game. It uses a different reel set and eliminates all scatters from the reels. There are three possible outcomes, which we'll now explore one by one.

First, there's the 'Bear Paw' feature. This awards four wilds in the shape of a square on reels one to four.

Then there's the 'Tiger Claw' feature which awards two to five wilds on reels one to five.

There's also the 'Eagle Flight' feature which awards two to five wilds on reels one to four.

Re-Spins - Re-Spins occur when two or more of the same scatter symbols appear on the reels. They appear on the middle three reels only but can appear on the fifth reel when the re-spins play out. Re-Spins will use different reel sets to the base game.
Battle - This game has three scatter symbols, and when two different ones appear on the reels, they will battle to 'take over' and transform the other. Once this happens, re-spins will occur, since there are now two identical scatters on the reels.
Last Chance - If you trigger re-spins with two scatters symbols, but don't manage to land the third one needed to get access to one of the free spins rounds, this feature will give you one extra shot. It'll trigger after the re-spins stop, and will reveal either a third scatter symbol (which must be identical to the two which triggered the re-spins) or a coin win. If the necessary third scatter does land, the free spins will begin automatically.
Free Spins - There are three different free spins rounds in this game. Here's how they work:

The bear free spins are triggered by landing three of the blue scatter symbols. You'll get nine free spins in this one.

The tiger free spins are triggered when you land three of the green free spins. This will trigger seven free spins.

The eagle free spins begin when you land three or more of the red scatters. You'll get five free spins in this case.

Each round plays out on its own unique set of reels. Each time you land one of the same scatter which triggered the round, you'll unlock an extra feature. In the bear free spins, this is three extra free spins. During the tiger free spins, it's an x1 multiplier. If you're playing the eagle free spins and another red scatter lands, you'll get an extra wild symbol on the reels.


Tump It Deluxe has lots of features, several progressive jackpots, and great graphics. This shot shows why FUGASO is rising quickly and has made a great name for itself already. It has a theoretical RTP of 96.89%. You definitely want to check this slot out.