Slot Machine Cheats – Do They Work?

Slot machine cheats are available all over the web. A quick search for them will reveal tens of thousands of results. But do they really work? Can you cheat electronic slot machines? Are there any legal penalties for doing so? And, has anyone ever had real success at cheating slot machines?

Those questions drove us to write this article, and as is always the case at, we’ll be putting some myths and outright lies to rest today. We may not always tell you what you want to hear, but you’ll be better off for hearing it. Do slot machine cheats really work? Let’s deal with reality.

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How Online Slot Machines Work

If you’re going to understand whether cheat codes for slot machines have any effect, you first need to understand how online slot machines work.

The days of mechanical slot machines are gone. Some slot machine cheats did work on those, but you’ll only find them in museums these days, so that’s not much good. While there are still mechanical reels spinning in some Vegas slots, and the ones you play down at the pub or bar, the mechanical parts have absolutely nothing to do with when the slot pays out. See the ‘loose slots’ myth below for more details on this.

So how are slot machine payouts determined? By a Pseudorandom Number Generator, that’s how!

Pseudorandom Number Generators (PRNGs) generate billions of numbers per second. One of these is randomly chosen on every spin, and each number is associated with a specific sequence of symbols. In order to win a jackpot, the Random Number Generator has to generate the exact right number to cause the five highest paying symbols to land, or the right combination of events to happen in a jackpot bonus round.

Your chances of this happening are not great. However, lots of players do experience life-changing wins, and that’s what playing slot is all about, isn’t it? We know it’s not likely to happen on any single spin, but you just never know. I mean, they have to pay some time, and if you’re not playing when they do, someone else will scoop the jackpot.

So, when you see articles like How to Cheat Slot Machines with a Cell Phone, you can dismiss them. While random number generators are not truly random since they’ve been coded by humans and have certain limitations, you’d need a highly advanced technical team, a lot of time, and a sophisticated plot to be able to hack an average slot machine. See the story below about one of the rare successful slots cheats below for more information on that.

Slot Machine Cheats and Tricks – The Myths

There are lots of slot machine cheats online, mostly started by casinos who want gullible players to believe they can use slot machine tricks and cheats to get an upper hand.

Here are some of the most pervasive myths about slot machines:

1. Finding Loose Slots

We’re sorry to burst your bubble, but if you sit around in Vegas casinos waiting for another player to finish spinning the reels because you believe the slot is due to pay, you’re wasting your time.

Re-read the section on Random Number Generators above. Most physical slot machines make use of these, too. A slot is just as likely to pay a jackpot twice in a row, not pay anything for 100 spins, pay again, and then not pay for 4,000 spins as it is to do anything else. No slot machine tricks and cheats can alter this fact.

There’s no rhyme or reason to when slot machines decide to pay. You may think you see a pattern, but you don’t. That’s just the mind playing tricks on you.

I recently saw an article called How to Cheat a Slot Machine with a Magnet. I chuckled to myself – modern machines aren’t the same as old-school one-armed bandits with mechanical parts determining everything. There are probably people out there with no knowledge whatsoever about how slots work who will fall for this. It saddens me, but all I can do is publish information like this to help our readers avoid these slot machine cheats scams. I can’t reach every slots player, but I’ll try.

You could always help spread the word by sharing this article with your friends who play slot machines, of course. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. Put slot machine tricks and cheats like this to bed. They rely on a mechanical functioning of the machine that’s long out of date.

2. Hacking Slot Machines With Cheat Codes

Lots of video games have ‘Easter Eggs’ hidden in them whereby if you complete a certain sequence of moves or tasks you unlock a hidden feature. Some clever casino marketers came up with the idea of convincing slots players that slot machines have cheat codes programmed into them and that if you just tap the buttons in a secret sequence, or if you make bets of certain sizes, you’ll win.

The is grade A horse manure. Do you really think companies worth billions like Playtech, NetEnt, and the other slot machine giants are going to hire programmers who will risk jobs which pay them hundreds of thousands per year just so you can beat the system? If they did program slot machine tricks and cheats into the games, they’d probably guard that secret with their lives.

And if such slot machine secret codes did exist, do you think they would publicize it? I know if I was a genius coder who had slipped a slot machine cheat code into a game, I’d keep it to myself, go on holiday to some Caribbean island with no extradition treaty, use it, and spend the rest of my life with my feet up. I certainly wouldn’t publish it online.

Forget about cheat codes for slot machines. Your time is the most valuable resource you have, and you’re wasting it by paying attention to these. Most of them are published by casinos so suckers will make bets on certain machines. Besides, if you try hacks and cheats on the top slot sites, you’ll get banned faster than you can say jackot.

3. Casinos Can Influence Slot Machine Payouts

This group of slot machine cheats is particularly pervasive on gambling forums and other websites where players vent and share information. Typically, a player has lost a fair amount of money and is now 100% convinced the casino flipped the switch and stole what was rightfully theirs.

This is gambler’s paranoia at work. While there are some rogue casinos which do shady things like this, the vast majority do not. If you play legit games from big software companies like Microgaming, you can be sure casinos are not interfering with game outcomes.

How so? Because Microgaming, IGT, and the other top slot game providers write the code which generates the outcome. When you play their games, you’re connecting to their servers, and the casino has no influence over either the code or the games.

Of course, some scam casinos run pirated versions of legit games to make you think you’re playing games from legit companies. This brings a whole new meaning to the terms slots cheats. It’s up to you to do your research and avoid these casinos. We’ll help you find honest casinos with out in-depth reviews.

So, to put it bluntly, it’s highly unlikely that the casino flipped the proverbial switch on you. You just should have stopped playing while you were ahead, and you’re looking for something or someone to blame. However, there are some things casinos can do which are…curious. You can learn about them on our slot machine secrets page.

Famous Slot Machine Cheats

Electronic slot machine cheats may be a waste of time, but has anyone ever successfully hacked a slot machine and got away with it? As it happens, one team of Russians did manage to pull it off on a set of Aristocrat land-based slot machines.

If you’ve ever wondered how to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone, wonder no more, because this story reveals the secret. Here’s a link to the original story if you’re interested in reading it, but to summarize, the team got a hold of an Aristocrat slot machine after Russia banned all slots back in the 90s. They had studied it in detail and had worked out that the patterns were not truly random. They then sent a team out which would record a few dozen spins, upload the footage to a technical team back in St. Petersburg, and they would then send a command causing the phone to vibrate exactly when the player should tap the spin button. It worked, and the crew made off with hundreds of thousands before getting caught and sent to prison for fraud. As far as slot machine cheats go, this one really worked.

So, it is technically possible to use slot machine cheats some of the time. You’ll just need a team of advanced computer wizards, a bankroll provided by the Russian mob, and balls of steel. And you’ll need to be willing to serve hard time in prison if you get caught.

Slot Machine Cheats Summary – Don’t Bother Trying

This piece should be enough to put most rational people off trying slot machine cheats. It’s almost impossible to do it online, and the effort required to do it out in the real world, and the potential prison sentences for doing so, make it not worth trying in the first place.

What’s our advice on the matter? Do what most other slots players do – have fun, learn about the games before you play them, spin the reels, and hope that good fortune comes your way. Forget about slot machine cheats. Trust me, that’s much more fun than trying to evade the FBI and worrying that you might go to prison if you get caught. Just relax, have fun, and much like when you’re out in the club shaking that ass and downing shots – hope you get lucky.