Nolimit City

Nolimit City is a fast-rising casino software company which has an ever-growing catalogue of high-quality slot games.

With offices in Malta, Sweden, and India, NoLimit City is already a global firm, but it has much larger ambitions. With a self-claimed 10 years of experience in iGaming, the team has worked in some of the most successful companies in the space and plans to use that to drive NoLimit City to new heights.

Nolimit City for Operators

  • It has a portable platform for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices which can be tailored to suit each operator’s needs. It has been designed to be fast and flexible.
  • Nolimit City games are extremely easy to integrate into existing casino platforms, hence the rapid growth. It’s all done via JavaScript code which is maintained by the Nolimit team.
  • There are multiple versions of the back office so operators can pick the ones which best suits them.
  • Nolimit City can also weave operator promotions into its system or can provide a ready-made promotional system for operators who don’t have one.

Interested in working with Nolimit City? Visit the site directly and contact a member of the team. Alternatively, drop a line to [email protected]

Nolimit City Games

TitleRTPVolatilityMax WinHit Frequency
Ugliest Catch96.11%10/10 [Extreme]50,000x1 in 20M Spins
Space Donkey97.07%8/10 [High]14,649x1 in 10M Spins
The Crypt96.05%10/10 [Extreme]27,000x1 in 17.7M Spins
DJ Psycho96.05%6/10 [Medium]25,420x1 in 37M Spins
True Kult96.06%10/10 Extreme23,237x1 in 8M Spins
Bounty Hunters96.07%10/10 [Extreme]52,310x1 in 29M Spins
The Cage96.05%8/10 [High]25,000x1 in 36M Spins
Gluttony!96.09%10/10 [Extreme]32,000x1 in 52M Spins
Whacked96.07%8/10 [High]11,912x1 in 18M Spins
Disturbed96.10%10/10 [Extreme]54,391x1 in 10M Spins
Kiss My Chainsaw96.10%10/10 [Extreme]10,900x1 in 9.4M Spins
Blood & Shadow96.13%10/10 [Extreme]6,666x1 in 97M Spins
Benji Killed in Vegas96.04%8/10 [High]10,000x1 in 3.8M Spins
Walk of Shame96.04%6/10 [Medium]9,822x1 in 4M Spins
Dead Canary96.02%10/10 [Extreme]65,000x1 in 7M Spins
Pearl Harbour96.21%10/10 [Extreme]41,127x1 in 150M Spins
Rock Bottom96.04%8/10 [High]19,690x1 in 35M Spins
Serial96.07%10/10 [Extreme]74,800x1 in 12M Spins
Little Bighorn96.06%10/10 [Extreme]25,676x1 in 19M Spins
The Border96.17%10/10 [Extreme]44,288x1 in 44M Spins
Road Rage96.03%8/10 [High]36,000x1 in 80M Spins
The Rave96.09%10/10 [Extreme]41,500x1 in 5M Spins
Folsom Prison96.07%11 [Insane]75,000x1 in 6.5M Spins
Karen Maneater96.00%11 [Insane]11,757x1 in 330K Spins
Remember Gulag96.08%10/10 [Extreme]30,000x1 in 17M Spins
Misery Mining96.09%10/10 [Extreme]70,000x1 in 60M Spins
Punk Toilet96.09%10/10 [Extreme]33,333x1 in 4.1M Spins
Tombstone R.I.P.96.08%11 [Insane]300,000x1 in 130M Spins
True Grit Redemption96.11%10/10 [Extreme]20,220x1 in 6M Spins
Legion X96.04%10/10 [Extreme]31,000x1 in 36M Spins
Evil Goblins xBomb96.14%10/10 [Extreme]31,969%1 in 55M Spins
Das xBoot96.03%10/10 [Extreme]55,200x1 in 60M Spins
Mental96.08%10/10 [Extreme]66,666x1 in 18M Spins
xWays Hoarder xSplit96.14%10/10 [Extreme]11,030x1 in 14M Spins
Infectious 5 xWays96.02%10/10 [Extreme]55,555x1 in 28M Spins
El Paso Gunfight xNudge96.05%10/10 [Extreme]44,400x1 in 10M Spins
Bushido Ways xNudge96.01%10/10 [Extreme]30,000x1 in 39M Spins
Fire in the Hole xBomb96.06%10/10 [Extreme]60,000xNot Given
East Coast vs West Coast96.04%10/10 [Extreme]30,618xNot Given
San Quentin96.03%10/10 [Extreme]150,000xNot Given
Tomb of Akhenaten96.09%9/10 [Very High]26,261xNot Given
Warrior Graveyard xNudge96.16%9/10 [Very High]9,797xNot Given
Monkey's Gold xPays96.02%7/10 [Medium]12,683xNot Given
Buffalo Hunter96.01%10/10 [Extreme]12,647xNot Given
Book of Shadows96.01%10/10 [Extreme]30,338xNot Given
Immortal Fruits96.06%10/10 [Extreme]2,787xNot Given
Golden Genie96.03%9/10 [Very High]9,583xNot Given
Milky Ways96.14%8/10 [High]5,664xNot Given
Bonus Bunnies96.14%8/10 [High]6,950xNot Given
Deadwood xNudge96.03%10/10 [Extreme]13,950xNot Given
Gaelic Gold xNudge96.15%7.5/10 [Med+]9,837xNot Given
Harlequin Carnival96.14%9/10 [Very High]5,861xNot Given
Barbarian Fury xNudge96.06%8.5/10 [High+]8,785xNot Given
Punk Rocker xWays96.01%8.5/10 [High+]15,072xNot Given
Poison Eve96.08%9/10 [Very High]6,091xNot Given
Dragon Tribe96.07%10/10 [Extreme]27,000xNot Given
Tomb of Nefertiti96.19%7.5/10 [Med+]3,768xNot Given
Manhattan Wild96.16%9/10 [Very High]2,025xNot Given
Pixies VS Pirates95.91%10/10 [Extreme]11,907xNot Given
Hot 4 Cash96.05%9/10 [Very High]2,154xNot Given
Thor: Hammer Time96.03%8/10 [High]2,328xNot Given
The Creepy Carnival96.07%5/10 [Low-Mid]1,595xNot Given
Tractor Beam96.01%10/10 [Extreme]3,408xNot Given
Mayan Magic Wildfire96.04%6/10 [Medium]1,264xNot Given
Tombstone96.19%10/10 [Extreme]11,456xNot Given
Starstruck96.19%7/10 [Medium+]1,635xNot Given
Owls96.22%6/10 [Medium]491xNot Given
Fruits96.23%7/10 [Medium]2,910xNot Given
Ice Ice Yeti96.16%10/10 [Extreme]8,820xNot Given
Dungeon Quest96.27%6/10 [Medium]450xNot Given
Hot Nudge96.29%9/10 [Very High]2,413xNot Given
Coins of Fortune96.48%7/10 [Medium+]6,015xNot Given
Tesla Jolt96.61%4/10 [Low]582xNot Given
Casino Win Spin96.74x7/10 [Medium+]2,000xNot Given
Kitchen Drama: BBQ Frenzy96.70%5/10 [Low-Med]1,050xNot Given
Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania96.77%5/10 [Low-Med]697xNot Given
Oktoberfest96.75%6/10 [Low-Med]500xNot Given

There is an ever-growing number of Nolimit City slots to choose from. One thing that stands out about all of them is how great they look. They’re also optimized to play on all devices including mobile phones and tablets. Here are some of the best ones:


No Limits City Slots - Fruits

Fruits is a modern version of old-school fruit machines. With special features like lightning rounds, free spins, and mystery wrappers, there’s plenty to keep this slot interesting. Click the image above to try Fruits slot for free.

Ice Ice Yeti

No Limits City Slots - Ice Ice Yeti

This game showcases how great Nolimit City games can look. With two free re-spin rounds and its signature ‘Ice Shake’ feature, this one is more than worth a few spins. Click the image to give it a go.

Dungeon Quest

No Limits City Slots - Dungeon Quest

With 2×2 wild grids, ore symbols which morph into higher-value gems, free spins and a cool mystical theme, this is a great slot to play for fun, and there’s also some nice money to be won. Again, just click the image to try it for free.

Hot Nudge

No Limits City slot - Hot Nudge

We’d like to nominate this for one of the best-looking video slots online. Yet, looks aren’t all this game has going for it. It also has expanding wilds which can pay out x10, free spins, and nudging symbols, gameplay is exciting, too. Click the image to be taken straight to the Hot Nudge game page.

Coins of Fortune

No Limits City Slots - Coins of Fortune

Almost every slot company has at least one Asian themed game, and this is Nolimit City’s version. As you can see, it’s visually awesome. Gameplay includes nudging wilds, dragon nudge respins, and lucky respins, meaning there’s plenty to keep things interesting while playing. Go ahead and give it a spin.

Tesla Jolt

No Limits City slots - Tesla Jolt

This game pays tribute to genius inventor Nikoli Tesla. With two wild symbols, wild reels, up to 20 free spins, and wilds which are collected and discharged on one super spin, this slot is certainly highly charged. Go ahead and check it out.

Casino Win Spin

No Limit City slots - Casino Win Spin

Casino Win Spin pays homage to the old three-reel, classic slot games. With expanding wilds, hot zones, and a Spin ‘Til You Win feature, you’ll love this if you enjoy classic fruit machines. Click the screenshot above to try it for free.

Kitchen Drama: BBQ Frenzy

No Limit City Slots - Kitchen Drama BBQ Frenzy

We’ve seen a few slots based on BBQs before, but few with as much character as this. With multiple wild symbols creating extra wins, extra wilds after three consecutive losses, and free spins with multipliers, you’ll want to sink your teeth into this one. Sample it by clicking the screenshot above.


No Limit City Slots - Wixx

This is an interesting variation of the classic gemstones themed slots, but with sharp 3D graphics. It has 81 win ways, six different respin features (some with x5 multipliers), and super cool sounds effects, we suggest trying this one for free by clicking the image above.

Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania

No Limit City Slots - Kitchen Mania - Sushi Mania

Continuing on with the Kitchen drama series, this one is themed on Japanese food. It has wilds which clone themselves, free spins, and cascading reels. Give this one a nibble by clicking the image above.


No Limit City Slots - Oktoberfest

Who doesn’t love a good cold beer? That’s what this slot is themed on – specifically, the biggest beer festival of them all. It has four different wild symbols (some of which expand), and a couple of different free spins features. Take a sip for free by clicking the screenshot you see above.

Space Arcade

No Limit City Slots - Space Arcade

No slots catalogue would be complete without a space-themed game. This one isn’t what you think, though – it’s simply otherworldy and we’re not even sure how to define it. It has two special features – free re-spins and multipliers of up to x6. If you’re after out of this world wins, give this one a try.

Creepy Carnival

No Limit City Slots - Creepy Carnival

Carnivals can be cute, but they can also be horrifying. This one is themed on the second kind. It has re-spins with multipliers as big as x3, sticky wilds, re-spins with extra wilds, and up to 50 free spins in the main bonus round.

Nolimit City – Summary

The games you can play above should tell you everything you need to know about this company – it’s dedicated to quality, and it’s one to watch. In a mobile era where the aesthetics of games are becoming as important as the features, the fact that Nolimit City combines both to create unique and novel games tells us you’ll be hearing a lot more about this company in the future. We highly recommend checking out the games above (all available in demo mode), and if you’re an operator, including the Nolimit City games in your slots selection. We congratulate the team on their success so far and wish them all the best of luck in the future.