Mansion Casino Loyalty Points – How They Work

Rewards are nothing new in the online casino industry. Mansion Casino has a simple but effective loyalty points program that gives a little back to its players.

This article explains how Mansion Casino’s loyalty points work. We review how players accumulate points, how much you need to bet on each game, and the conversion rate for when you want to cash out your loyalty points for real money.

How to Earn Mansion Loyalty Points?

Just like using the Mansion Casino promo code, earning loyalty points is straightforward.

  • You earn points for playing all real money casino games.
  • The amount of points you earn depends on the games you play (see table below).
  • Loyalty points are added in real time when you leave a game.
  • Points can be redeemed for cash bonuses.
  • Earn a better redemption ratio for exchanging your loyalty points in higher quantities.

How Many Loyalty Points You Get Playing

Games Bet (£) Amount to Earn 1 Loyalty Point
Slots 20
Progressive Slots 30
Scratch Cards 20
Asian Games 20
Poker & Other Card Games 40
Roulette 50
Blackjack 60
Baccarat 80
Video Poker 150
Craps, Sic Bo, Pontoon 200


As an example, if you bet £200 on slots, you’ll earn 10 Mansion Casino loyalty points. However, if you bet the same amount on Pontoon, you only get 1 loyalty point.

It should also be noted that Blackjack Switch and Blackjack Surrender are also at £200 per 1 point. Furthermore, low-risk roulette bets, such as red or black, do not earn any loyalty points.

Redeem Your Points For Cash

Mansion Casino has seven bonus levels for reward points (image below). Players get a better redemption ratio if they choose to accumulate their points to a higher level.

The starting point is Bronze, where you can redeem 100 loyalty points for £1 in real money. The ratio dramatically improves as you advance up the ladder, but you will need to wager thousands to get to the top.

Loyalty Points - Mansion Casino