Are you a Degenerate Gambler?

What is a Degenerate Gambler – Are You One?

“Degenerate gambler” is a term that many regular gamblers tease each other with after a big loss or a bad night at the tables. However, a real degenerate gambler is no laughing matter. We’re going to explain what a degenerate gambler is, some of the signs that you or someone you know might be one, … Read more

Amarillo Slim – A Legendary Pro Gambler

Amarillo Slim is one of the most legendary poker players of all time. Not only did he win WSOP bracelets on five separate occasions, but he lived a colourful, exciting life that was somewhat stereotypical of a gambling hustler. To learn more about Amarillo Slim, some of the highlights of his life, and why he’s … Read more

How to win a million dollars

How to Win a Million Dollars

So, you want to know how to win a million dollars, but you don’t want to pay for some BS ebook, and you don’t want to resort to crime to do so, right? Congratulations, you’re a normal human, and you’ve found the right guide to winning your first million. Before we show you what your … Read more

What Roulette Can Teach You About the Coronavirus

It’s not very often that we can look to casino games to teach us about a global viral epidemic, but the rapid spread of the coronavirus is one such occasion. We have been watching the spread of this virus, and we have noticed that the doubling period seems to be every six days. Humans have … Read more

Responsible Gambling At Betway

This page takes a look at the steps taken for responsible gambling at Betway. Straight off the bat, Betway promotes responsible gambling in its slider menu on the front page of its website. This is a positive start as it is clearly making customers aware of the issue, which is a good thing. Safe Gambling: … Read more

Betway Free Bet Club: How to Opt-in

Many online bookmakers have a free bet club of some description; in this article, we will Betway’s offering. The purpose of a good free bet club (from the bookie’s perspective) is to keep bettors active and to ensure they retain their custom. So, what’s the deal with Betway’s Free Bet Club? As a punter, is … Read more

Is Gambling Legal In Israel?

Gambling in Israel is prohibited under the Israeli Penal Law 5737-1977. This law is broad-sweeping and penalizes games of chance, lotteries, and betting. It also makes it illegal to operate venues where these activities occur. However, that doesn’t mean there are no forms of legal gambling in Israel. While you won’t find any casinos in … Read more

How to Beat Wagering Requirements

One of the biggest problems players face when playing with a bonus is how to beat wagering requirements. Well, for starters, when playing at an online casino, the first thing you need to worry about is winning big. After that, beating the wagering requirements is fairly easy, even if the general consensus says otherwise. Beating … Read more

Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas Casinos – Interesting Facts & Tips

Thousands of people search for “How to win in Vegas.” We know because we researched it for this post. It’s obvious that the dream of lading a  jackpot in one of the big Las Vegas casinos is alive and well. We love Las Vegas, and we’ve decided to create a post dedicated to some interesting … Read more

Become a professional gambler

How to Become a Professional Gambler

So, you wanna know how to become a professional gambler, do you? You’re fed up with the daily grind, you’re ready to start living a little, and you see gambling as a way out. That’s ambitious, and it is achievable, but we want to kick you the real deal about gambling professionally so you have … Read more

What Is XRP? Is It a Good Investment?

Of all the cryptocurrencies currently out there, none is more exciting than XRP. While some crypto-purists hate it, others clearly see that this is a cryptocurrency with massive potential for growth. In this piece, we’re going to answer the fundamental questions: What is XRP? What does XRP do? What’s the difference between XRP and Ripple? … Read more

Lost Vegas Slot Review

A zombie apocalypse has hit Las Vegas with the 243-payline Lost Vegas slot from iGaming giant Microgaming, which follows on the very popular theme of zombies, which arguably reached its pop culture peak with AMC’s The Walking Dead, currently in its 8th season. The Lost Vegas slot is played over five dark reels and three … Read more