15000x Max Win on Gates of Olympus 1000 – Or is it?

I want to start with a disclaimer that the following article is solely my opinion and observations of the video posted by Roobet on X claiming a 15,000x max win on Gates of Olympus 1000.

Having watched the video dozens of times, I’ve come to the opinion that it’s more likely than not a genuine max win. However, there are some strange edits and video cuts that make it seem the opposite.

Who, What, and When

On the 15th of December, Roobet posted on X (formerly Twitter) that a streamer by the name of GambleJoker had hit a 15000x max win on Pragmatic Play’s new slot, Gates of Olympus 100. Accompanying the tweet was a video clip of the event, which you can watch below.

The 15000x Max Win Video – A Closer Look

The video clip of his stream picks up the action as GambleJoker begins a free spins bonus round. For reference, his bet amount is $5, so a max win would yield a handsome payout of $75,000.

1st Spin: Three random multiplier symbols (250x, 50x, and 10x) landed on the reels. However, he didn’t have enough matching symbols, so there was no payout.

2nd Spin: Here’s my first observation. The second free spin delivered the following board (see image below). There are 8 blue symbols, which creates a win. However, there are only five green triangles, five purple triangles, and five gold hexagons. This is important because of what follows.

15000x max win - questions

2nd Spin – Tumbles: The above image clearly shows which symbols are on the board. However, much faster than normal, they flash and disappear. Now, if you look in the tumble win box (bottom left), it shows that there have been four wins (8 blue symbols, 9 green, 9 gold, and 9 purple).

Gates of Olympus 1000 GamblerJoker

Moreover, the 8x multiplier has appeared, and it’s already at the bottom, whereas the 3x multiplier is yet to drop.

It could be that after the tumble for the blue symbols, GambleJoker had 9 green triangles and 9 gold hexagons. This would clear the reel for the 8x multiplier to sit at the bottom. The final tumble would be the purples, which brought the 3x multiplier down (at the end).

My question is, why edit the video? For the sake of a few seconds, it doesn’t make sense.

13 Free Spins – 11 Free Spins Remaining: After the big win on the second free spin, the video suddenly cuts. We can see this by the Free Spins Remaining counter, which goes from 13 to 11 in the blink of an eye. Also, the streamer, GambleJoker, was wearing his baseball cap then he wasn’t.

I can accept that the third free spin didn’t result in a win, but given it only adds a couple of seconds to the video, why edit it out? After all, nothing was won on the first free spin, but that is part of the video. All this editing is making a potentially genuine 15000x max win look shady, in my opinion.

4th Free Spin: After landing some big multipliers, the streamer seems quite convinced that he has hit a max win. It was a tasty $19K win, moving his total win to over $22K, but this is nowhere near a max just yet.

I can let this slide because I don’t know how much experience the streamer has playing slots. Typically, seasoned casino streamers like Roshtein roughly know the payout straightway. However, maybe this guy is still new to the game.

5th Free Spin: The game continues; it’s the fifth free spin. This resulted in a win of more than $4,000, but the video cuts before the final total is displayed on the screen. More unnecessary editing for little reason other than to save a few seconds.

8th Free Spin: From the video cut at the end of the fifth spin, the action continues on the eighth free spin. Several more large multipliers land and these push GambleJoker to the 15000x max win.

Again, this can be an experience thing, but upon realizing it’s now a max, the streamer says, ‘How much is that?’ and follows it by repeating “50 grand” four or five times. The majority of streamers would know exactly what the payout was, so this was odd.

The reaction: I am not a body language expert, but I do play real money casino games. Granted, we all celebrate in different ways, but GambleJoker was not as excited as I would have thought.

After all, the man just won $75K from a $5 bet. I know I would be bouncing off the walls and ceiling. We can still put this down to shock and disbelief, which is fair enough.

My Verdict

As shared at the top of the page, I feel the video is legit, but it would be great to see the full uncut version to 100% confirm this.

The editing and video cuts make no sense whatsoever. It only shaves a few seconds off, and I’m sure, like me, viewers would like to see the whole thing – even the few free spins that didn’t result in a payout.

Roobet is a respected name in this industry, and many players put it on their lists of best slot sites, so it’s curious that such an oddly-edited video got released.

What do you think? Is it real or a tamerped video to make it look like a 15000x max win?