The Rise of Mobile Casinos – FAQ

Mobile casinos are a big deal, and anyone involved in the online gambling and online casino world has probably noticed!

With mobile devices now accounting for over 17% of all global internet traffic, it’s no wonder casinos online are going all in to develop the best mobile casinos and casino apps possible. With online gambling reaching a staggering $41 billion last year, having the best mobile casino could be extremely lucrative indeed.

We decided to do a simple FAQ about mobile casinos in general. Enjoy!

5 Common Questions about Mobile Casinos

Why are mobile casinos so popular? There are a number of reasons the mobile gambling scene has exploded in recent times. The fact that mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets) are often available for much cheaper than PCs and laptops undoubtedly explains part of the popularity. The convenience of playing your favourite casino games from anywhere, on the move, even from your bath or living room, or while waiting at the bus stop, also plays a large role in the rise of mobile casino popularity.

What are the advantages of using mobile casinos? Mobile casinos bring several advantages to the online player. The first is the fact that most people are always connected through their mobile device. That means you can play anywhere, anytime, and you can get time-bound promos and bonuses without missing an update.Since the mobile device is almost always with the player, he or she won’t miss anything.

The other big advantage is convenience. Being able to jump on and place bets in real time or play your favourite slots game or enjoy a quick game of live Texas hold’em on your lunch break also plays a part in mobile casino popularity.

A third advantage is that there are often offers and promotions only available to mobile players, such as first access to pre-release slots games and extra hidden rounds and features within games.

What are the disadvantages of using a mobile casino? Some players complain that their mobile device screen is too small to enjoy some games in full. This can usually be avoided by using a tablet mobile device, but it’s undebatable that some games would be better enjoyed on a big screen, such as live dealer poker games or live dealer blackjack.

The same can be said for games which involve advanced graphics. While there aren’t too many in the online casino niche, graphics are becoming a bigger part of slots online hidden rounds and bonus rounds, so some people prefer playing a these on a desktop.

Lastly, some people worry about the security. If your mobile device is stolen and cracked a thief could have access to your download mobile casino. This can be countered by password locking phones and of course calling to have the device shut down remotely if you fear it has been stolen.

What games are best enjoyed on mobile casinos? Firstly, it’s likely that the amount of games available in your mobile casino will be fewer than the full range available on live login sites and desktop casinos. The gap is closing, but it is still there.

The games which are best enjoyed on mobile casinos are slots and digital versions of table games. The simple graphics and low bandwidth and data required to run these games make them ideal for mobile gaming, while games like live dealer cards would chew data limits and be best enjoyed on a bigger screen.

There are plenty of great apps available for iOS and Android devices at both the Apple store and the Google Play store. Alternatively, you can download a great mobile casino direct from a well-known and trusted casino website.

Do I have to download mobile casinos? Most of the time you’ll be required to download a mobile casino. It is possible to log into a live site through a mobile device, but why go to the trouble when you can just download it, log in once and have instant access to your favourite games anytime you like?

Download casinos are the way to go. They’re convenient and you don’t have to constantly log in and out.

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