Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

If you are looking to improve your Texas Hold’em poker game-play before you enter a tournament against real players, then Texas Hold’em Bonus poker might just be the right game for you.

We at Gamblers Pro like this game but that’s probably because we are Texas Hold’em poker fans.

Let’s take a closer look at the game in action with some walk through screenshots for good measure.

 How To Play Texas Hold’em Bonus

If you are totally new to Texas Hold’em, read our ‘How to Play’ guide first. The bonus version is, of course, very similar to playing a heads up game because it is just you against one other (in this case the dealer); however, very similar does not mean the same so a few alterations have to be made.

Below is the table at the start of play. As always, the first move is to put your money in. Click the chip pile to place your ‘ante’ bet. There is also the option of a ‘bonus bet’ but we don’t recommend you play that as it usually comes with a house edge of around 8.5%.

texas hold'em poker

Okay, $5 has been put down on the ‘ante’ (below). As you can see, the ‘bonus’ bet circle has now lit up and so has the ‘deal’ button. As we said, ignore the bonus and hit ‘deal’.

texas hold'em bonus2

So, both yours and the dealer’s hole cards have been dealt (below).We have Ace Clubs, four Diamonds. We now have two choices:

  1. Fold the hand.
  2. Bet on the flop. (the size of the bet is fixed at double whatever the original ‘ante’ bet was).

bonus texas holdem

Of course, holding a bullet, we have to bet on the flop here (below). As mentioned, the flop bet is double the ‘ante’. Once that has been placed, the three flop cards are dealt. We are now faced with the next two options.

  1. Bet on the turn (the size of the bet is fixed at the same amount the ‘ante’ bet was).
  2. Check (which means no extra money put in)

poker bonus texas hold'em

As we didn’t hit on much in the flop, checking is the best option as this point in the game. (below) The turn card has been dealt (four spades). Again, we have two options.

  1. Bet on the river (the size of the bet is fixed at the same amount the ‘ante’ bet was).
  2. Check (which means no extra money put in)

texas holdem bonus

Seeing as we matched up our 4 to make a pair and the cards aren’t really too threatening, it is worth betting on the river now (below). Once bet, the river is dealt and the dealer’s cards are turned over to see who won.

texas bonus

Our pair of 4s stood strong and (even ace high would’ve won actually) so what did we win?

Players WINS $15. This is $10 on the flop bet and $5 on the river bet. The ante was ‘pushed’ (returned).

Here is a shot of the payout table. All bets (flop, turn and river) are paid at 1:1. The ‘ante’ is pushed unless the player hits a straight or better.texas holdem bonus pay table

And there we go! That’s Texas Hold’em Bonus poker for you.


This is extremely simple (based on the pay table above) a player should fold unsuited cards from 2/3 to 2/7. And then use knowledge of the game as to decide whether to bet or check. A standard house edge is 3.51%; however, with good game play that can be lowered to a fraction over 2%.

A Great Texas Hold’em Bonus Calculator

We found this while searching around the internet.

texas holdem bonus calculator

It is from www.beatingbonuses.com . It is a great tool to help you work out the optimal strategy to increase your chances of winning.

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