Is Online Roulette Rigged?

Today we have a reader’s question from Graham in Ireland. He’s got some questions about online roulette, and specifically wants to know “is online roulette rigged?” Graham, we’re happy to answer your question. It turns out that the answer is sort of. Let us explain. But first, here’s Graham’s email… Dear Gamblerspro, I’ve been playing … Read more

How to Win at Roulette (Red and Black Bets)

Today we have another reader question about winning roulette with red and black bets. If you read on regularly, you’ll know that we like to answer reader questions on different gambling subjects. Here’s the email we received: Hi, My name is Jake, and I’m from Los Angeles. I’m writing today to ask about how … Read more

Video roulette guide

Video Roulette

Video roulette machines can be found at every top casino across the world. They provide an alternative to playing table roulette with a real dealer, and many players prefer the solo aspect of the game. We’ll look at how to play video roulette, some strategies for winning more often, and the pros and cons of … Read more

What’s the Most Successful Roulette Strategy? Video Analysis Inside

At, we like to run experiments and share knowledge about casino games, so today we’re going to answer a question from our reader Brian from Sydney. Brian asked us “What’s the most successful roulette strategy?”, so we decided to put five popular roulette strategies to the test to find out. Unlike other casino sites … Read more

Is the Martingale System Banned?

As part of the Gamblers Pro ‘Ask Us Anything’ series, we’re answering the question “Is the Martingale system banned?” We received this question from Sherley in the UK, who claims she recently had a bonus revoked when she used the Martingale roulette strategy. We won’t name the casino in question, but we will answer Sherley’s … Read more

Pontoon Rules and Winning Strategy

Looking for a trustworthy resource explaining pontoon rules and a winning strategy? Then you’ve landed on the right page. Pontoon is, in many ways, very similar to blackjack. In fact, it’s a relative of blackjack. Like blackjack; the fact that Pontoon is such an easy game to understand makes it very popular in both offline … Read more

Nine-Count Blackjack Strategy: Full Review

According to Martin J. Silverthorne, it’s possible to make $94/hr playing blackjack at home if you follow the ‘Nine-Count Blackjack strategy’ which he has developed. He claims that his system offers a whopping 91.1% win rate when players follow it and best of all, all you need is a bankroll of $60 to get started.

Usually when something sounds too good to be true, there is a simple reason – because it is! However, let’s give it a try and subject in to an in-depth, impartial analysis so we can find out for sure.  Here it is, Gamblers Pro’s Nine-Count Blackjack Strategy Review.

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