South Africa Proposes Bill to Confiscate Online Gambling Jackpots

Bang gambling South Africa

A proposed bill in South Africa would allow the government to confiscate the winnings of online gamblers, if passed.

Rob Davies, the Minister of Trade and Industry, confirmed Friday that a draft of the new legislation was presented which aimed to make it more difficult to gamble online.

In yet another case of governments discounting the massive job creation and business revenue online gambling creates, South Africa seems poised to join the list of draconian governments who want to abuse the rights of their citizens in the name of ‘harm prevention’.

Davies admitted that there is no way the government can prevent people from playing online casino games, but did stipulate that there were ways they could confiscate winnings.

Using the tragic suicide of Peter Williams, a gambler who set himself alight after losing R800,000 at a land based casino outside Johannesburg earlier this year, as an example, Davies attempted to justify the proposed bill.

While it has not yet been passed, the bill would have catastrophic effects on the multi-billion dollar South African online gambling sector.

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