Slots Review: Mega Moolah

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Mega Moolah is world famous for a reason! This super slot game, powered by the legendary microgaming, has created a long line of happy millionaires. With their highest progressive jackpot starting at a staggering $1,000,000 it’s no wonder slots fans are lining up to have a spin on Mega Moolah!

Let’s look at the various features of one of the world’s best-loved slots games and figure out why it’s so appealing.

Mega Moolah Theme

The theme itself is nicely designed and easy on the eye. With all the wild animals you’d likely find on an African safari, the theme of Mega Moolah is set – you’re hunting for the ultimate trophy and setting out to bring the bacon home!

With bright, bold colours, a sunset-like orange glow and hypnotic, tribal drums and chanting beating out while the jackpot wheel spins and the numbers climb higher and higher, it’s impossible not to love the theme of this game.

The sounds of crickets, birds and other wildlife makes you feel like you’re actually in the jungle stalking prey. The game is an exotic experience in itself!

The Jackpots – What it’s Really All About

While the theme is attractive & appealing, players wouldn’t care if they were playing a bare bones, basic machine, as long as they had a chance to snatch the four progressive jackpots Mega Mullah offers.

Let’s start with the basic jackpot first, before we move onto the progressives. It alone is worth winning and stands at a staggering 225,000 coins. Even without touching the progressives this is a substantial win and is worth playing for.

The real cash is in the progressive jackpots, though. They go in order from mini to minor to major to mega. The mega jackpot is a life changer! Read on to find out more.

The mini jackpot starts at 10.

The minor jackpot starts at 100.

The major jackpot starts at 1000.

The mega jackpot starts at 1,000,000.

And they don’t stop there! They can go higher still!

The more money you bet, the greater your chances of winning the higher jackpots. This is fantastic news for high-rollers determined to get your hands on some big loot.

The maximum bet is 6.25 and so those not already made of money are still in with a chance to win. These progressive jackpots are generated and dished out randomly, so you could win at any time, completely by surprise, adding yet further to the excitement of the game.

Game Play & Bonus Features

Mega Moolah is a 5 reel game with 25 pay lines. That’s a fair few possibilities for you to win, even with lower bets.

There are some cool in-game features, too.

The Wild Lion: If the wild lion comes out, he will devour all other symbols and change them to himself, except for the scatter monkey who escapes and stays the same.

The Wise Monkies: If you get three or more wise monkies you trigger 15 free spins. What’s more, during the 15 free spins all winnings you take are multiplied by 3!

The Jackpots: The jackpots themselves are generated and released randomly. This makes them an awesome game feature which could come your way at any time. You never know when your life could change forever! That’s what’s most exciting about this slots game.

Mega Moolah Summary

Overall this is a fantastic, fun slots game. The house has a slight 6% advantage, but with those mega jackpots being dished out randomly, the odds don’t really matter if you’re the lucky one to strike it filthy rich.

You’ll have fun spinning Mega Moolah. Who knows, maybe you could even be next in line for the mega jackpot?


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