Short Odds Betting Challenge

Welcome to our short odds betting challenge. We are going to show you step-by-step how to make money from the bookies. Whilst we cannot guarantee anything as all forms of betting carry obvious risks, this method we are using is the ‘most likely’ to yield a profitable outcome over the long term.

Our Short Odds Betting Strategy

If you like ACCA tips or you are fond of BTTS bets, then our short odds betting strategy will be right up your street. Before we show you it in action, we want to run through a few key pointers.

  1. Discipline – if you want to make a quick killing, this is not the right strategy for you. The key here is patience. As you will see, it is a bit of a slow burner. It is designed to help us win small and steady amounts not huge sums straight off.
  2. Don’t Get Greedy – It’s easy to start placing too many bets, looking to fast track your winning but we urge caution. By being ultra selective, we stand a much better chance of long-term success.
  3. Learn to Lose – Not every bet will win, this is why we have a fixed proportional betting system in place so we are never crippled. Also, if we won every single bet, the bookies would ban us quicker than you can blink.
  4. Spread things Out – You will need multiple online accounts to make any money from this because if you stick to one sportsbook, the chances are you will be limited if you are showing signs of success. The good news, we have a host of operators to choose from which offer ACCA football betting.
  5. Use the Markets – You don’t have to stick with just the match result. Explore the markets, perhaps BTTS bets are what you fancy or win-draw double betting. You will see what we mean as we progress with the challenge.

More information regarding our betting strategy, ACCA betting options, etc can be found in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Proportional Short Odds Betting Formula

The great thing is, there’s no rocket science involved here. We use 3 easy-to-understand parameters:

  1. Only bet 10% of your bankroll. This will help our bankroll management. Yes, it is tempting to jump in deeper, but we don’t advise it.
  2. Bet doubles and trebles. Singles are risky due to the price parameters we use (see point 3). 4-fold accumulators or greater can be volatile even if very short odds. We want to keep the variables to a minimum so doubles are perfect and trebles are acceptable, too.
  3. Combined odds to fall between 1.60 – 1.75. It has to be over 1.50 to give us to 2 out of 3 profit margin (that is if 2 bets win and the third loses, we are still up by a little). Anything over 1.75 and we are taking a few too many risks, which is not the aim at all.

Short Odds Betting Challenge

To show you this system in action, we will start with £100. You can begin with more or less but a ton is a nice round figure so that’s what we choose. Each bet will be detailed below so you can monitor progress.

We will publish our bet slips before kick off each time so you can follow along as well.

Starting Balance: £100

Bet Size: £10

Balance After Bet: £90

Date: 25/11/2017

To get things rolling we have kept it simple with a double. Both sides are strong at home and are playing opposition below them in the table.

Manchester United to win @ 1.18

Wolves to win @ 1.36

That gives us a double bet @1.61 which falls within our parameters.

Winning Return: £16.11

short odds betting

Starting Balance: £106.11

Bet Size: £10.61

Balance After Bet: £95.50

Date: 29/11/2017

As we mentioned, this is a slow burner to get started which is why discipline is paramount. As usual we are looking for teams which are strong at home as away games can sometimes prove a little volatile for our liking. We are sticking with the simple outright match result for these fixtures as we believe they will all come in.

Manchester City win  @1.20 v Southampton

Chelsea win @1.20 v Swansea

Arsenal win @1.20 v Huddersfield

Total price for the treble is 1.73

Winning Return: £18.33

short odds betting

Starting Balance: £113.83

Bet Size: £11.38

Balance After Bet: £102.45

Date: 01/12/2017

Bet 3 sees us take on another treble. Again looking for good form for the home side and we believe we have found a winnable treble. Cardiff are flying high in the Championship. They have won their last 3 games - in contrast to Norwich who are win-less in their last 6. However, this league often has its ups and downs so we edged for a bit of safety by taking the double chance.

Roma look solid at home and they are playing SPAL - a side yet to win away. Sporting Lisbon have not lost at home yet and they play Belenenses who only have 1 away win and they've lost their last 2.

Cardiff win or draw @1.22 v Norwich

Roma win @1.17 v SPAL

Sporting CP win @1.18 v Belenenses

Total price for the treble is 1.69

Return: £19.17

short odds challenge

Starting Balance: £121.62

Bet Size: £12.16

Balance After Bet: £109.46

Date: 02/12/2017

Bet 4 is a double. Chelsea are ticking along okay at the moment, whereas Newcastle are in a bit of a slump. This ought to be a (fairly easy) win for the Blues. Monaco have actually lost their last 2 so this could be viewed as a touch risky but one of those games was against PSG - which is their only home loss. Angers haven't won in their last 6 (4L 2D) so we believe Monaco will triumph.

Chelsea win @1.25 v Newcastle

Monaco win @1.40 v Angers

Total price for the double is 1.75

Return: £21.28

Shorts odds double

Starting Balance: £130.74

Bet Size: £13.07

Balance After Bet: £117.67

Date: 05/12/2017

Bet 4 sees us dip into the Champions League as we believe we've spotted some easy pickings. Our only doubt is what side Barca will field so we've covered that as a double chance. The other two look fairly safe.

Man Utd win @1.40 v CSKA Moscow

Roma win @1.10 v Qarabag

Barcelona win or draw @1.10 v Sporting Lisbon

Total price for the Treble is 1.69

Return: £22.14

Short odds bet 5

Starting Balance: £139.81

Bet Size: £13.98

Balance After Bet: £125.83

Date: 09/12/2017

5 bets down and all winners. Things are looking good so far. Today's picks look good but we have over stretched of our parameters, let us explain why.

First pick is Wolves, they are going great guns and their home form is superb. Staying in the Championship, we like the look of Villa at home to Millwall. At 1.73 for a straight win, this is value in itself against a side without a win away. However, edging for safety we opted for the double chance but that brought us in below our 1.65 so we needed one more pick. We've gone for PSG at home to Lille which when in the treble rose us to 1.77.

Wolves win @ 1.33 v Sunderland

Aston Villa win or draw @ 1.18 v Millwall

PSG win @ 1.12 v Lille

Total price for the treble is 1.77

Return: £24.78

sobet 6

Starting Balance: £125.83

Bet Size: £12.58

Balance After Bet: £113.25

Date: 12/12/2017

Wolves put an end to our win streak in bet 6 - we won't mention that Sunderland were down to 10 men for the last 20 minutes but still managed to nick a point.

Thankfully, we have some good midweek action to blow the cobwebs away. fter looking through, nothing caught our eye for Tuesday so Wednesday night it is. We found 3 good home fixtures to get our teeth into.

Liverpool win @ 1.22 v West Brom

Manchester United win @ 1.28 v Bournemouth

Bayern Munich win @ 1.08 v FC Koln

Total price for the treble is 1.70

Return: £21.41

short odds betting 7

Short Odds Betting Challenge FAQ

Q. What tools do you use to gather the match information for the ACCA short odds bets?

Our main resource is We find it comprehensive enough to provide us with what we need. We are sure their are hundreds of other sites available but for us, that’s the one we use.

Q. Do you need a good knowledge of football to be successful with shorts odds betting betting?

While it certainly helps it’s by no means essential. We stick to a fairly rigid structure by betting on home teams which have a good record and are showing decent form. This information can be found on the website mentioned above, so technically you don’t need any existing knowledge to give short odds betting a whirl.

Q. Can you become rich from short odds betting?

In theory it is of course possible but in reality, no. The main obstacle is winning too often as bookies will soon start to decrease your wagering limits. This is why you need to spread the love around when you start placing bigger wagers.

Q. How often do you bet?

This is a personal choice. You could do it every day or only once a week. It is tempting to bet more often at the beginning because progress is very slow when trying to double your first £100. However, we prefer not to force things. Generally, we stick to European leagues which we are more familiar with and there is a wealth of information available. Doing small ACCA bets or short odds bets every day means jumping into the unknown leagues. While knowledge is not essential (as we previously said) we still try to avoid bringing in too many unknown variables.