Punter Stakes £10k on Trump Win

Donald Trump has seen a confident punter bet GBP10K on him despite polls.

A punter in London literally changed the odds William Hill were giving on Donald Trump with a single bet when they placed a whopping £10,000 bet on the businessman turned politician to win the election on November 7th.

William Hill had been giving odds of 11/2, but after the bet was placed they changed the odds to 9/2. A spokesman for the firm, Graham Sharpe, said they had been taking bets on Clinton back-to-back for several days, and had even seen a bet from a female punter come in at well over €500,000.

The £10k bet is the largest anyone has placed on Trump since betting on the elections began, but there has been no shortage in optimists, with plenty of punters placing smaller bets on a Trump takeover.

The bets come even as polls show a clear and comfortable lead for Hillary Clinton, showing that bettors pay little attention to what they say. Several pollsters have been proven wrong this year including those who predicted a Remain vote for Brexit, with some predicting a 75% chance of a vote to stay in Europe, and those who predicted Trump wouldn’t make it past the primaries.

British bookies have estimated that £15 million has already been bet on the outcome of the US presidential election, and estimate it will finish up in and around the £20 million mark come election day, as betting intensifies in the run-up to voting.

Can Trump prove yet again that polls aren’t to be trusted and defy the odds? If there’s any year where it might happen, 2016 is it. It’s been that kind of year!

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