Playing Slots – A Newbies Guide

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If you’re searching for slots on the web, you’re not the only one, we can guarantee you that! Slots, also known as fruities and pokies (if you’re British or Aussie), is a hugely popular online casino game, and anybody who’s been a veteran player at online casinos knows that the demand for them is literally endless.

Slot machines can be found in bars, casinos and gaming houses all over the world, but with the evolution of the internet and the increasing access to the web, more and more online versions have come out, meaning the variety is almost endless and playing slots online has never been easier. The range of games is literally mind-boggling, and any old-school player who is used to spinning 5-reel slots at the bar or casino will tell you, things have come a very long way in the last ten years!

If you’re a new player who wants to play slots online there are some things you should know. This is an A-Z guide for beginners, bringing you up to speed on the different games available, the different terms within the industry, and where to find the best deals and offers for new players.

Free Slots for Fun

Before we delve into the world of slots, it’s worth mentioning that new players are able to get a taste of what slots are like by playing slots for free on Facebook or through any app at the Google Play store.

These free games won’t allow you to win real jackpots, but they can be a great way to learn how slots work and learn about the different types of game, all while playing for fun without risking any of your own capital. Free slot games are pretty much the same as the real money versions, so after you spin for a while there, you’ll have a good grip on how to win the real cash prize versions.

Playing Slots Online – Game Types

We’ve already outlined that slots are a hugely popular craze, but what do new players need to know to make an informed decision about the right game for them?

In this section we break down the basics of slots casinos, the various games, and the best providers.

Slots have come a long way from the days of pressing a button of a fruit machine and waiting for a few symbols to match up. Those games do still exist and old school players or those looking for something simple and easy still play them. In the online gaming world, they’re known as classic slots.

The next stage in slots after these classic, old school games was the implementation of bonus rounds, hidden side games and all kinds of surprises. The technology used in online games allowed developers to create special features, and there are many great titles to choose from ranging from Mr. Cashback to Starburst and Stickers.

There are also the more modern video slots games. These make the best of the latest in tech and can include story lines, levels, bonuses and many other advanced features. If you’re looking for a Marvel themed title or a blockbuster movie themed game, you’ll be looking for these. Arguably, once you’ve played them, you won’t go back.

Every game of slots, no matter what style or type, has one simple objective – line up a specific number of matching symbols, and win a jackpot. Most commonly, players will have to match 5 symbols, but there are so many variations nowadays that you can match diagonally, horizontally and even at angles. The number of ways you can match and win are called paylines.

Playing slots online gives you a huge variety of choice, and you can find games to suit your appetite for risk, budget and preferred style of game. Games always have a minimum and maximum bet, and the jackpot will generally correspond to this – the bigger the bet, the bigger the jackpot.

Play Slots From the Best Providers

Whatever type of game you decide on, you’ll want to enjoy the best quality possible from the greatest slots providers on the web. Some of these software providers have been around since the dawn of the internet, and while we recommend sticking with the names listed here, this list is not exhaustive and you can still find great online slots from other providers.

Playtech – Playtech is one of the longest standing, most respected games providers in the industry. They are both original pioneers and current kings of the casino slots field, and you can guarantee that any game you play from them will be top-notch in terms of quality and reliability. Some of the most popular titles from them include Gladiator, Desert Treasure, Alien Hunter and a range of movie themed Playtech slots like Iron Man, X-Men and Spider Man.

Microgaming – Another huge name in the slots industry is Microgaming, based in the Isle of Man, UK. Not only do these guys claim to have created the very first mobile casino, but they are one of the most sought after slots providers on the web. Titles include Playboy, Jurassic Park, Thunder Struck and Immortal Romance. You can’t go wrong with Microgaming slots.

NetEnt – These guys are so massive they’re actually listed on the stock exchange. One of the key factors when it comes to ranking and rating providers is their trustworthiness and reliability. Since publicly traded companies are scrutinized under a microscope 24/7, NetEnt has a solid reputation and NetEnt slots are some of the best in the business with titles like Jimmi Hendrix, Guns n Roses, and the newly released Them Park: Tickets of Fortune.

There are, of course, many other excellent providers that we haven’t listed here. We’ve simply stuck to the three we feel are the cream of the crop, and which consistently produce the best games in the world. Slots players can’t go wrong when they choose a title from any of the above three providers, so new players would be well advised to stick to them at least to begin with.

Playing Slots – Glossary of Key Terms

Just like every other game, slots players have got to learn the lingo to understand exactly what is going on and become a veteran player. We’ve selected some of the key terms you’ll encounter at slots casinos here.
Paylines – The number of ways players can match symbols to win a prize or the jackpot.

Bonus Rounds – You can unlock these by matching specific symbols. These are side games or missions which give players a chance to win free spins or extra cash.

Minimum/Maximum Bet – Every game has a minimum buy in, as well as a limit on what can be bet. These are often listed in ‘coins’ rather than a specific currency. Be sure to check how many coins equals one unit of your own currency.

Progressive Jackpots – Some online slots games tap into a larger ‘network’ jackpot, which allows players to win much more than an average slot game. The progressive jackpots build up over time, and games like Mega Fortune have seen players walk away with millions from tapping the progressive jackpot slots games.

Slots tournaments – These are relatively new competitive events set up by casinos. They allow players to win prizes by spinning and progressing through a tournament series until one victor wins the top prize.


We hope this has been a fun and informative slots games online guide.

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