How To Play Vegas 3 Card Rummy

Vegas 3 Card Rummy is a popular online poker variant because it is simple and easy to play.

It is played against the dealer using a standard 52-card deck. The objective is to have 3 cards with a LOWER value than the cards which the dealer holds.

vegas 3 card rummy

So what are the values?

Card Value
Cards from 2 up to 10 Face Value
Jack, Queen, King 10 points
Ace 1 point*
Any pair 0 points
Three of a kind 0 points
Two-card suited run 0 points
Three-card suited run 0 points

*Ace is valued at 1 point on the Slot Madness platform, some other casinos offer the ace at zero points.

Right, let’s have a look at a few screen shots and we can explain how the game is played.

The image (below) is the Vegas Three Card Rummy table.

As you can see, the dealer only qualifies with 20 or less. Therefore, if the dealer is holding more than 20, the player’s ANTE is paid (1:1) but any bet made is pushed (returned).

3 card rummy

Okay, so we’ve thrown $5 down in the ANTE box (image below). We can now either place a bonus bet or simply deal.

gamblers pro - vegas rummy

Let’s pop $5 in the bonus bet (below) as well and then we can explain both as we go.

3 card rummy

Hit ‘deal’.


As you can see, we are holding 18 (above), now let’s have a look at the pay table (below).


The bonus bet is basically a side bet you can make which has nothing to do with the dealer’s cards. As you can see, if you total 11 or 12 points then you get a 4:1 return on your bonus bet which isn’t too bad.

As we are holding 18, on the raised bet odds we get 1:1 on that bet if we take it and we beat the dealer (remember: that is if the dealer qualifies).

Let’s go for it! 3 card rummy

Darn and blast! The dealer hits 17 so the house wins that one.

Try again, the image (below) shows us holding suited connectors (Jack and ten of clubs) so the value of those two cards is zero. Giving us a hand total of 9. I think we will bet on this one 🙂


We know that we have won our bonus bet at odds of 1:1 so we get our $5 bet back and win $5 from that part.

The dealer (image below) has hit 16 so they qualify which means we get our $5 ANTE doubled and we win the raise bet as well at 1:1 odds, so from that hand we won $15 in total plus we got all of our original stakes back.

3 card rummy

Could just be our lucky day!

Here (image below) we have a pair of 8s which together equal zero and the four of hearts so we have a hand total of 4.

Hitting bet on this one – of course!


Again, we have won the bonus bet – as we scored between 1-5, that bet is paid out at 2:1 so we won $10 (plus our $5 stake back)

Well, would you Adam and Eve it!

The dealer hits a pair of 10s and a bullet so they only have a total of 1. We lose the ANTE and the raise bet.


The House Edge of  Vegas 3 Card Rummy across the full round of wagering (Ante and Play bet) and assuming that the player plays using the optimal strategy discussed below is 1.93%. If the player does not play optimally this figure will rise.

The House Edge of the Bonus bet is 3.46% in Vegas 3 Card Rummy

Optimal strategy for Vegas 3 Card Rummy is remarkably straight forward. Place the Raise bet if your hand total is 20 or less and Fold the hand if the total is 21 or more.

In regards to the bonus bet – it’s simply how lucky you are feeling. The probability of scoring 12 or lower is 31.87% which suggests it is wise to leave it alone. However, due to the payout table offering 100:1 for A,2,3 suited it brings the house edge of that bet down to 3.54%.

All in all, this isn’t a bad game for a quick bit of fun and the house edge is on the reasonable side so you will have a few good sessions playing it – of course over the long haul it won’t be profitable so our advice is to play it here and there but don’t stick around too long.

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