Online Casino Affiliate Accused of Hacking Major .Edu Sites to Gain Backlinks

An online casino affiliate hacked university websites for backlinks!

Today we bring you a news story that highlights business ambition gone badly wrong!

Many online business operators know that the key to successfully ranking in search engines is obtaining quality backlinks from established authority sites. They also know that there’s probably no tougher niche than online casino gaming. With $41 billion up for grabs in the online gambling industry annually, it’s not surprising that it’s tough to compete!

This week, an affiliate who we shall not name until the facts come out in full, stands accused of taking things to a whole new level by hacking major US university websites and placing strategic backlinks, neither highlighted nor underlined to avoid detection, on various dated pages of New York University, Stanford and several other prominent education establishments.

The site in question shot through the rankings for several highly competitive keywords and was found to have no less than 76 major .edu backlinks, according to Calvin Ayre.

Talk about ambitious! Sadly for the operator in question, if found guilty they will have broken numerous US federal laws and will be facing criminal charges rather than basking on a private island in the sun while raking in affiliate commissions.

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