Monster Millions Slot Review

Welcome to our Monster Millions Slot Review. We take a closer look at the game itself, all of its features, how it stacks up against other games, and where you can play it. This one has a HUGE $1,000,000 jackpot, so be sure not to miss out on it.

If NuWorks has designed any slot with the bona fide high-roller in mind, this is it. If you consider yourself to be something of a wealthy individual (who will go largely unaffected from a string of potentially fruitless $30 spins – for the sake of ultimate reward), then this game may be for you. Let’s discuss some of the finer details.

Monster Millions Theme:

Monster Millions is a slot game that is driven by a light-hearted, yet spooky theme. Some of the symbols that you might come across during play are Ace through 9 characters that are represented by a dragon scale (A, K, Q, J, etc.), a candle, a strange looking book, a moon, and the characters “Bebo” and “Tang”. I imagine that the most frightening aspect of the game, however, is the astronomically low chance of winning the grand prize. More on that later.

Monster Millions Paylines & Jackpots:

Much in the same way as several other NuWorks games, Monster Millions is deceptively simple in its format: 5-reels, 25 paylines.

Bets for this game start at .05 coins per line, and go as high as $1.00. Thus, the most your maximum overall bet is going to be $25. There is, however, a potential $5 side bet that can be made on every spin. If you have any hope of winning the million dollar grand prize, you will need to make this bet.

There are varying “small” jackpots that can be won by completing a winning combination on an active line. There are several symbols which will allow for smaller victories, ranging from 500 times your overall bet to 1250 times. These numbers can also be influenced by multipliers, which are earned by having completed part of your winning combination with one or more wild symbols.

The real interesting part of this game is the progressive jackpot that is worth over $1,000,000. In order to win this, you must accomplish three things:

1.) Reels 1 and 5 must have a moon (the scatter symbol) which will allow you to enter a side game.
2.) After entering the side game, you will have unlimited attempts (clicks) to unveil the three “monsters” throughout the room. You must do so in exactly three clicks. If you do this, you will be given 50 free games.
3.)During those 50 free games, you must get 5 scatters on a single spin.

As you can tell, the odds are quite low that all of these things will fall into place. The general consensus is that, especially in light of the immediate disqualification from potentially winning the grand prize if failing to correctly choose the first three doors, there are better games in NuWorks’s collection from a financial standpoint.

Monster Millions Play & Features:

Wilds: “Bebo” and “Tang” are the wild symbols in the game (blue and red respectively). Bebo appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, and Tang appears only on reel 3. Getting any combination of three of these wilds will result in a similar bonus game to that which you are rewarded for achieving the 2 scatter bonus. It is not uncommon to walk away from this bonus game with a 500 times multiplier, but the ideal situation would be to build it up to 8,000 times.
Scatters: The moons are the scatters in this game, and their benefit has already been discussed. They are integral to winning the large jackpot.

Guarantee Feature: This game also has a guarantee that every 125 spins, you will have an opportunity to play the bonus game that is prompted by way of three simultaneous wild symbols.

Monster Millions Summary:

NuWorks’s Monster Millions is the company’s largest and most ambitious game in terms of both potential jackpot and features. It is a fun and well-designed game, but it has garnered a fair amount of negative attention in the way that it addresses its progressive jackpot. Still, if you are a high-roller working with a large bankroll, this is likely the NuWorks slot for you.

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