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Continuing our blackjack games series; this article looks at Lucky Blackjack which is only offered at online casinos using Playtech gaming software. 

Read on to find out what we think of this game; is it worthy of the blackjack name? Or is it best avoided?

How to play Lucky Blackjack

This variety of blackjack, if we can call it that, is simply a game of LUCK. As you can see from the lucky blackjack table below; a player just bets on the value of the dealer’s hand, they do not play a hand themselves.


Lucky Blackjack Rules and Payout

  • Played with one standard 52 card deck
  • Card values are the same as classic/traditional blackjack
  • A player can place as many bets as they wish; there are up to 7 options available
  • Dealer has to ‘hit’ with 16 or less.
  • Dealer stands on 17 soft
  • A total of 17 in the dealer’s hand pays 5:1
  • A total of 18 in the dealer’s hand pays 6:1
  • A total of 19 in the dealer’s hand pays 6:1
  • A total of 20 in the dealer’s hand pays 4:1
  • A total of 21 in the dealer’s hand pays 12:1
  • Dealer draws Blackjack (21 in two cards) pays 19:1
  • Dealer busts (22 or more) pays 2:1

What’s the Lucky Blackjack bet to choose?

based on the calculations, choosing number 18 is the best option available as it has the lowest house edge at 3.36%. The next best option is blackjack which holds a house edge of 3.47%. The worst ones to choose are bust which gives the casino a greedy 14.9% and 17 (house edge of 12.5%)

Gamblers Pro Verdict

As always, we pride ourselves as being honest, so we have to admit that we do not like this game one bit. It really is an injustice to the treasured Blackjack name to even classify itself as a worthy variation. The house edge is terrible compared to other forms of blackjack such as Blackjack Switch. It is purely a guessing game which will empty your pockets pretty darn quick. 

If we haven’t put you off wanting to give Lucky Blackjack a try for yourself. You can find the game here.

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