Live Dealer Casinos – What’s the Big Deal?

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Unless you’ve been living on the moon for the past decade, you’ve probably noticed the huge number of online casinos with live dealers popping up all over the web. It seems there’s a new one coming out every week, and more and more of the older, established casino sites are converting to the live game trend at breakneck pace.

There are, of course, many advantages to playing at a live dealer casino which make them so popular. After all, if there weren’t great reasons to play at them, there wouldn’t be such huge demand. So just what are players so keen on? Why are casinos all over the web upgrading and evolving to offer the live casino experience?

There are several key reasons for the big push. Some of them are:

-Real-time casino sites offer a much more social experience. When digital casinos and web based gaming burst onto the scene with the rise of the internet, they were undoubtedly exciting and convenient, but something was missing, too. There’s something about the social element of gambling that people love, and seeing the dealers facial expressions, body language and having a little interaction with a real human being make live games much more enjoyable in some players view.

-While digital games are controlled by advanced mathematical algorithms and random number generators, and licensed casinos are absolutely prohibited from tampering with or fixing games, there’s still an element of trustworthiness in live casino dealers that many players favour. You can see the cards being dealt or the wheel being spun, and you can be sure there’s nothing untoward going on. This trust factor is a huge reason behind the popularity of live versions of games.

-Live casino games simply feel more ‘real’. The digital versions of games can be great, but many players feel some sort of disconnect from the reality of the gaming experience when playing them. There’s something about seeing the cards turn over, holding your breath in anticipation, and seeing the green velvet on the table and the chips moving around it during live dealer blackjack and other games. These experiences all add up to make for a great casino game and some players feel digital versions strip them away.

Tips for a Superior Gaming Experience

While it’s easy to spot the advantages to playing live versions of games, there are also some things to watch out for which many players don’t consider. Like all things, there are pros and cons to live dealer casino games. Let’s now look at some of the challenges associated with playing live.

-Mobile Play – While they are always available on mobile devices at all decent casino sites, some casinos don’t offer live versions on mobile devices. Even if they do, the smaller screens on phones can mean some live dealer games online are better played on a laptop or a PC. The small screens on some devices are limiting and can ruin the experience.

-Bandwidth – For those on limited data plans, such as mobile plans offering 2GB a month or similar deals, bandwidth can be quickly chewed up while streaming the live video necessary to enjoy live dealer roulette and other games. If your data plan is limited, it might be best to stick to more compact, downloadable games that don’t burn through data. Casinos have of course designed games to be as compact as possible, but this can still be an issue in some cases.

-Internet Speeds – If you aren’t living in a country with reliable high speed web access, this could cause problems when enjoying live dealer baccarat or any other number of games. Players living in or holidaying in developing nations might face such problems. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of an intense game and having the connection drop, booting you out of a game where you might have won a huge jackpot at live dealer poker or something else. This will be frustrating, so if you potentially face this scenario, it might be best to give live versions a miss.

Live Dealer Casinos Games Summary

As you can see, there are pros and cons to playing live. As web speeds pick up around the world, however, and the problems associated with playing live disappear, you can fully expect the ‘casino live dealer’ craze to continue and even pick up pace. It’s just a much richer and more enjoyable gaming experience, as long as everything goes right!

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