Lay Andy Murray US Open 2016 Today!

Yes! You’ve read the title and now it is time to take action. Lay Andy Murray at the US Open 2016 today!

A lay bet is available on any sports betting exchange – Gamblers Pro use Betfair as they are probably the biggest and most well known; however, there are others you can choose. With a lay bet you are simply betting against another person and you are playing the role of the bookmaker.

But, you say, ‘I think he will win the US Open.’ Do not panic! We will back the bet later to secure a profit. Let us walk you through it, so you know what we are talking about.

Below is a table of the current prices for the Men’s US open winner (as of 8am UK 2/9/16). To lay Andy Murray it is 2.74 (the figure in pink). If you don’t have a Betfair account click here for a free £20.00 bet when you join.

lay andy murray

When you click the 2.74 number, this screen will appear on the right hand side (if using a desktop). The backer’s stake is where we place the amount we want to lay.

lay andy murray US open 2016

We have laid £20.00. This is the maximum amount we would win if Andy Murray DOES NOT WIN the tournament.
The liability of £34.80 is how much we could lose if he DOES WIN.

lay murray us open 2016 today

If you feel Novak Djokovic is going to win, then all’s good but like we said at the top, we don’t intend to wait until the last point is played.

The next move is nothing more than waiting and keeping an eye on Andy Murray’s matches. He is now into the 3rd round without dropping a set but stiffer competition awaits and he is one of those players which tends to have a wobble at some point during a major – this is when we will pounce.


Yes, by putting a back bet on Andy Murray!

Here is an example, he drops the first set of his next match (or any match really), his price will start to drift. He could well drop to 3.50. Possibly he goes 2 sets down against someone and (just for example) his price has drifted out to 8.00. You place a BACK bet (he will WIN) for £5.00 which will produce a £35.00 profit.

lay andy murray us open 2016 today

This is very simple Betfair trading. You lay at a low price price and back at a higher price. So based on the above.

⇒ Andy Murray DOES NOT WIN the US Open. You win £20.00 (backer’s stake on the lay bet) – £5.00 (placed on the back bet) = £15.00
⇒ Andy Murray WINS the US Open. You win £35.00 (profit from back bet) – £34.80 (liability for the lay bet) = 20p.
(5% commission is taken from winning profit)

If you prefer, Betfair offers a one click Cashout option which splits the profit evenly so you make money on any outcome.

In-Play Betting

In order for this to be successful, you will need to keep an eye on Murray’s matches – at the very least the score while he is playing. And, you will need access to the internet to pounce on the BACK bet when he is behind.

This is Gamblers Pro’s tip of the week, we will be back to update the post later so you can see when we cashed out. Once again, if you haven’t already got a Betfair account, take advantage of this FREE £20.00 bet.

Best of luck – although we are trying to reduce the luck element for you.

And so we are back with the update! As predicted, the Murray wobble came about – although we did not expect him to lose, the Gamblers Pro team were waiting for the best opportunity to cash out and wrap up a tidy little profit.

By the fifth set, the price on Murray was going back and forth but Murray was on the drift

lay andy murray

And then …

back andy murray

Team GPro was waiting for around the 5.0 mark before hitting the back bet button and sure enough, it duly arrived …

andy murray us open

But, wait! Kei Nishikori had broken Muzzer to lead 6-5 in the decider and was serving for the match. Gamblers by name, gamblers by nature – we had to let this one play out. Out he goes to 10.

novak djokovic

Game, Set and Match Kei Nishikori

Considering the pressure, Japanese superstar Nishikori closed out the match with ease and it was high fives all around at Gablers’ H.Q. No need to cash out. Another £20.00 in the kitty and on we roll.

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot!

This winner, which followed our impressed Spurs V Liverpool match bet, gives us a clear FIFTY quid profit from the last two predictions. We will go for number 3 this weekend so stay tuned! If you fancy joining in on the action here’s our Betfair affiliate link for you to get a free £20.00 bet.

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