KENO 101 – What is It & Where to Play?

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KENO is a hugely popular game that dates back as far as ancient China. Despite the fact that it’s clearly a French word, the first versions of the game date back to old China and came into Europe with traders and explorers from the orient.

Keno has gone through several evolutions in its long history, and has changed as is spread across the globe from Europe to America and eventually Australia and beyond. Live keno games are available at almost every land based casino in the world, and now thanks to the internet they’re here in digital and live game format too.

The explosion in popularity of Keno has been facilitated by widespread internet access. As more and more people come online on mobile devices and internet access becomes more widespread across the world, mobile keno and other forms are popping up left, right and centre in a frenzy to service these new players.

Due to the huge number of casinos on the web nowadays, the frequency of games in also increasing. It’s estimated that several keno games start every single minute on the internet, with large sites running several games per minute alone. Players won’t have to wait long for a new game to start at keno casinos.

How to Pick a Casino for Keno – 3 Top Tips

With such a huge variety of choice on offer, players might wonder how to pick a great casino to play keno at. Well, follow these three tips and you’ll not go too far wrong!

1) Check the Rep – There are, unfortunately, plenty of rogue operators out there set up to look like legitimate online casinos. These sham operators will burn you by stealing your deposits or refusing to pay out winnings. It’s therefore crucial to check the reputation of any potential site before playing keno online.

If you stick to out recommended partners, you won’t have to worry. Our team of experts has done the hard work and selected only the top rated online casino sites for our readers. These pass our strict criteria with flying colours and you can be sure you’re safe in their hands when playing online keno.

2) Look for a Tasty Bonus – Any casino worth it’s salt will offer new players a nice bonus for joining up. If a casino doesn’t offer you this, walk away, because there are plenty of others who will! Free casino cash for keno is being handed away all over the web as casinos online battle it out for their share of new players. Look for welcome bonuses, no deposit type deals and free casino games trials. It’s there for the taking, so get the best value you can!

3) Assess Payout Times – If lady luck decides to show her face and shower you with gold, you don’t want to be waiting around forever and a day to get your hands on your real money keno jackpot. Casinos need time to process and release winnings, and the ‘payout time’ is something that you’ll need to look into before deciding to play at any site.

Great operators will generally release jackpots within 48 hours. There are some exceptions, such as huge casino sites handling millions of weekly transactions, in which case some players are willing to accept longer payout times for the security of playing at a reputable operator. Other sites, however, drag their feet and take ages to pay, and may also have restrictive withdrawal limits meaning if you do manage to score a massive, life changing win, you might have to withdraw it over several months.

This can be deeply frustrating for winners! To avoid it, stick with big sites like who have the cashflow and capital to pay out your jackpots right away.

Playing Keno Game Summary

So there you have it!

You now know a little more about Keno, how it originated, and how to pick a great casino online.

Don’t believe any nonsense guides on how to win Keno. It’s a lottery style game and there is no rhyme or reason to it, no matter what marketers might tell you. Play with the aim to have fun first, and win money second. We all know there’s no way to beat the odds, and the aim of playing keno should always be to enjoy it and wait for lady luck to shine her bright light upon you!

Best of luck!

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