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There’s no denying that while ‘play money’ games can be entertaining, the real thrill at online casinos is to be had trying to take home real money prizes.

Yet what a lot of new players aren’t aware of is that there’s heaps of free money being given away by the big casinos to try to attract new players. With so much competition and a limited pool of current players, the big operators rely on converting existing players away from the casinos they usually play at and bringing them on to their sites, and plucking up new players before they get comfortable at other casinos sites. They offer heaps of free casino cash in an effort to do this.

There are a few different ways to get your hands on this free money and free play. We’ll now take a look at the different types of bonus offer available, and how you can get them. It’s not always as straightforward as some of the free casino bonus ads make out, so pay attention and take note as you read!

Understanding the Different Free Casino Bonuses

When you’ve been playing for long enough, you’ll begin to notice that there are basically three different types of casino bonus. While the details may change from casino to casino, most bonuses found on the web fall into one of these three categories:

No Deposit Bonuses – These are exactly what the name suggests. You sign up for a new player account, and the casino gives you a free cash deposit to allow you to try out games and get a feel for the site.

At the end, if you don’t feel like playing any longer, you can walk away no strings attached. Do be aware, however, that if you win a colossal jackpot playing real money online casino games while using the casinos own money there may be withdrawal restrictions and they may ask you to wager it, meaning you have to bet a multiple of it before you can take it out.

Matching/Deposit Bonuses – This is a different type of bonus from the first in that you’ll be asked to make a minimum deposit, which the casino will match. Some bonuses climb as high as a 100% match on thousands of pounds or dollars.

The big casino operators can generally offer more when it comes to deposit bonus deals since they have greater cash flow. Do be aware, however, that these deals come with some terms and conditions and aren’t always as black and white as they first appear.

You’ll need to read the terms carefully before you sign up and stick to reputable operators who have a long history of delighted players. The last thing you want is to win real money on the back of a bonus and find you have to bet x35 it before you can withdraw it.

Free Spins/Game Trials – One of the most popular online games by far is slots, and there are endless varieties to choose from! Casinos want to attract slots and pokies players and so they offer free spins on some of the most popular games to entice new players in. Casinos real money will allow you to win jackpots on the free spins bonuses, but there again may be some withdrawal limits and conditions.

Either way, this type of deal is a great way to try out a new slots title you’ve been dying to try, or to see if a casino you are thinking of playing at is suitable. There can, sometimes, be restrictions of the casino games for real money you can use these bonuses on. This will differ from casino to casino.

There are specific details surrounding every bonus or deal and the casino sites in question sets them individually. From simple £/€/$10 no deposit style offers through to multi-payout matching deals offering 1000 or more 10x in a row, the deals are varied and each and every one is different, tailored to the type of player that casino online for real cash wishes to attract.

Reasons to Play Real Cash Games

-As opposed to free versions of online casino games, the real money ones are 100x more exciting. Whether it’s spinning slots and gasping as 5 symbols in a row match up and you win a jackpot, or realizing you have been dealt 21 during a game of blackjack and are going to take home some serious loot, online casino games for real money are a heck of a lot more fun.

-You actually can play them for free. You don’t have to stick to social media versions of poker and slots to play for nothing or every little. Using the bonuses outlined above you can actually get a fair amount of free play casino games online real money.

-You can win life changing jackpots while having fun. Okay, we know it isn’t likely that you’ll head over to an online casino, spin a couple of slots and walk away with a cool million. The point, though, is that you never know. IT COULD BE YOU, as they say, and it does have to be someone, somewhere along the line. Online casinos real money list the jackpots they pay out on their websites, and someone, somewhere, thought it would never be them every time, yet it was.

Real money versions of games are the best, and there’s no doubt about it. The fact that the online gambling industry is now worth a stunning $41bn per year just goes to prove the popularity of these games.

Who wants to play Facebook poker and watch fake chips stack up when you can watch real ones do the same, then withdraw them to your bank account?

Stick with the real money, that’s what we say!

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