How To Play Let ‘em Ride Poker

If you are looking for an easy-to-play, fast-paced yet simple poker game, then Let ‘em Ride Poker at Royal Ace Online Casino is worth checking out.

It is another game which uses a progressive jackpot system which is very tempting to have a wager on if the payout is high enough.

So without further a do – let’s have a closer look at how to play Let ‘em Ride Poker.

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How To Play Let ‘em Ride Poker

The first thing to remember is that this is a variant of poker so the same hand ranks apply – although you don’t really need to know these in your head as you can learn what the winning hands are by checking the payout tables.

This is the pay table at Royal Ace Online Casino.

As is clear on the image below, the minimum winning hand is a pair of 10s which pays 1:1. Two pair pays 2:1 and so on. The progressive jackpot only starts paying out on a flush or above (Progressive Payouts table).

let 'em ride poker

Okay, let’s go through the starting table (image below), click on the chip pile to select your opening bet – this is placed in the ‘Ante’ circle. Then click on the red ‘progressive’ slot if you want to enter this bad boy. Personally, unless the progressive jackpot is very big, we tend not to enter.

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So, we’ve thrown in $5 (below) but we have not to invested in the progressive jackpot. Next simply hit ‘Deal’.

let 'em ride poker

The cards have been dealt (below) – you get three cards which are face up and another two cards above which are face down.

As we have a pair of 10s already, we know we have some money so we hit the ‘Raise’ button to add another bet which is of equal value to the opening ‘Ante’ bet.

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One of the top cards is flipped over (below) and it’s a queen – still we have won something with our pair of 10s, so we hit the ‘Raise’ button again.

let 'em ride poker

Another queen is flipped over (below) which gives us two pair (Tens and Queens). Therefore we win at odds of 2:1 which is paid on every bet.

Ante $5 – winning odds 2:1 = $10 win (+ original stake bet back)

Raise bet 1 – winning odds 2:1 = $10 win (+ original stake bet back)

Raise bet 2 – winning odds 2:1 = $10 win (+ original stake bet back)

let 'em ride

Let’s go again! (below) Here we have been dealt a possible flush draw (2, 5 and 9 of spades), but because we need both the face down cards to be spades as well and we are not holding a card higher than a 10, we won’t risk the bet just yet. So this turn, we hit the ‘continue’ button.

let 'em ride royal ace

Oh, another spade appears (below), now we have a decision to make. Do we bet on the raise or not?

Let’s do the maths to find out:

13 cards in a suit minus the 4 cards which are on the table = 9 possible winning cards.

52 cards in a deck minus the 4 cards on show = 48 unknown cards.

Unknown cards (48) / possible winning cards (9) = 5.33

So, we have 5.33:1 chance of hitting the card and the pay table offers 8:1 so this is worth a raise.

let 'em ride 8

And so it proved (below), we hit the flush draw.

We won $40 on the $5 Ante bet at 8:1 and another $40 on the $5 Raise bet at 8:1 – total win $80 (plus $10 stake back).

let 'em ride 9

Below we were dealt a pair of 5s and a 4. Seeing as we need a pair of 10s to qualify for a win, again we hit ‘Continue’ and as you can see, another 4 popped out – giving us two pairs.

let 'em ride 10

Therefore, we hit ‘Raise’ on the final bet as we know we have already won. That is one of the appealing things about Let ‘em Ride Poker on Royal Ace, if you hit a winning hand from either the first 3 or 4 cards – you can still bet the ‘Raise’ and make money from a certain winner.

let 'em ride 11

All in all, we at Gamblers Pro don’t think this is a bad game but we wouldn’t call it great either. A case or some will love it and others won’t.

Using the strategy outlined below, the Royal Ace Online Casino house edge for Let ‘em Ride Poker is 3.51% which again is middle of the road – some other games are better value, some worst.

Let ‘em Ride Poker Strategy

With three cards showing, you should bet the 1st raise if you have:

  • Any winning hand (pair of 10s or better)
  • Any three cards which could make a royal flush
  • Three suited cards in a row BUT not Ace-2-3 or 2-3-4
  • Three cards which could make a straight flush if two of them are above 10

With three card showing, you should bet the 1st raise if you have:

  • Any winning hand (pair of 10s or better)
  • Any four cards of the same suit
  • Any four cards which could make an outside straight (note: if none of these are high cards, then the house edge is zero)
  • Any four cards to an inside straight if they are all high cards.

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