How to Assess an Online Casino – Is it Legit?


When you are looking for an online casino it’s important to consider a couple of things. There are plenty of shady operators out there and you don’t want to be getting involved with them. There are some key signals that indicate a great casino online.

Casinos online have opened up the world of betting and gambling to everyone. You can now play all your favourite casino games from the comfort of home and without the inconvenience of having to go to a physical venue.

So how do you assess an online casino before signing up?

What are the Signs of Great Online Casinos?

The following are a list of things you should look for before signing up. All of the casinos we recommend have passed our tests and have these key features. Don’t overlook these, they’re extremely important when selecting an online casino site.

  • Look at the reputation and feedback. A great casino should have favourable reviews from past and present players. This indicates that the user experience is good and the site is legitimate. Pay attention to this – lots of positive feedback means you can trust the site and you’ll have a good experience using it.
  • Consider the payout times. One thing which new online players get caught off guard with is a concept called payout times. In a real world casino you just grab your chips, walk to the cashier, get your money and go home. Online casinos are a little slower. Payout times at the best sites are usually in the 2-3 days range. Pay close attention to this as some unscrupulous operators will try to make you wait a week or even more before receiving your winnings. Fast payouts is a good sign for an online casino operator.
  • Ask about welcome bonuses. Many of the biggest and best online casinos will offer you free cash to join up and play their games. These are called welcome or matching bonuses. Basically, they will match your deposit 100%. There are some limits on this and the highest matching bonuses are usually in and around the $3000-$4000 mark. Still, that’s a lot of free money! You can’t withdraw this cash but you can withdraw any winnings you make from betting with it. Check what type of deposit match the site is willing to offer to secure you as a player.
  • Check if it’s a casino no download. Some sites require you to download a program or app to access the games. Some people like casinos download while others prefer a no download version. It’s up to you but it’s worth checking before you sign up. The apps and programs, if you decide to download, should always be from the most trusted sites only.
  • Check the funding options. Some sites require you to use a credit card or debit card to fund your account. The best sites offer alternatives for those who don’t like sharing their details with random sites. Paypal, skrill, direct bank transfer and other options are available at the best online casinos. If they take your privacy and security concerns seriously, that’s always a good sign!
  • Do they have live dealer games? Some people just don’t trust playing against computers. They feel the odds are fixed or the site has an unfair advantage because a computer can calculate complex odds much faster than a human being. This is fair enough and if you don’t like playing against computers honest sites will always offer live dealer games. These work by video link and you’ll be able to see a real dealer, in the casino, dealing from a deck of cards, just like being at the a real world venue!


Trust is the most important factor when choosing a casino online. If the reputation is good among other players, it’s always a great sign.

All of the casino sites we recommend on this site are 100% trustworthy. They are established, legitimate and have been serving clients for  a long time. Their reputations are sterling and you can verify all of this for yourself elsewhere on the web.

Good luck in choosing a partner and enjoy all your favorite casino games! We hope you hit the jackpot!

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