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Mainly for fun, but our GPro EPL expert predictions team wanted to see how we stacked up against the BBC’s very own pundit extraordinaire, Mark Lawrenson. 

The Mark Lawrenson predictions column is a great read – although not always spot on. Is the BBC’s football expert worthy of his high salary (paid for by the British public through their TV licence fee) or is he a poor man’s version of the legend Alan Hansen?

It’s time to find out as we put the best that GPro has to offer against Lawro’s predictions. We’ll use the same point scoring system that the BBC predictor employs and keep track of the points as we go.

Lawro’s EPL Predictions Points System

  • 10 points are awarded for a correct result (i.e. correctly predicting the winner or that the match will end as a draw).
  • 40 points are awarded for predicting the exact scoreline.

As we are only starting this from game week 8, the total points will be different but we’ll keep a tally from hereon in to see if our GPro Premier League predictions match those of Lawro.

Premier League Fixtures (GW 20)
GPro Lawro
3-1 Tottenham vs Southampton 2-0
1-2 Bournemouth vs West Ham 1-1
3-0 Chelsea vs Brighton 2-0
1-1 Huddersfield vs Stoke 1-1
3-0 Manchester United vs Burnley 2-0
1-2 Watford vs Leicester 1-2
0-1 West Brom vs Everton 1-0
4-1 Liverpool vs Swansea 3-0
0-3 Newcastle vs Manchester City 0-2
0-1 Arsenal vs Crystal Palace 1-1

Merry Christmas to all our readers!


GW19 (23/12/17)
GPro’s Score: 140 points | Total: 1010
Mark Lawrenson’s Score: 80 points | Total: 1070

A Christmas cracker as we delivered a festive treat with 3 correct scores. Lawro’s (pitiful) predictions only managed 1. Game on, we’ve got the scent and are homing in!

GW18 (17/12/17)
GPro’s Score: 60 points | Total: 870
Mark Lawrenson’s Score: 60 points | Total: 990

Both a pile of dung really this week. No correct score in the Mark Lawrenson BBC predictions column or by our guys. The festive calendar kicks off now though so let’s get ready to rumble!

GW17 (12/12/17)
GPro’s Score: 90 points | Total: 810
Mark Lawrenson’s Score: 130 points | Total: 930

A poor midweek showing by our lads, let the Lawro predictions beat ours. Stops the rot a little for Mark but the race is far from over.

GW16 (09/12/17)
GPro’s Score: 80 points | Total: 720
Mark Lawrenson’s Score: 60 points | Total: 800

Mark Lawrenson predictions are somewhat a little off at the moment and our staff at GPro Towers can smell blood. Another 20 gained on the BBC football expert (term used loosely). On to midweek to reel him in further.

GW15 (02/12/17)
GPro’s Score: 110 points | Total: 640
Mark Lawrenson’s Score: 80 points | Total: 740

The GPro lads are slowly chipped away at Lawro’s lead. Another 30 points to the good this week. He will soon be in our clutches if we can keep this momentum going.

GW14 (28/11/17)
GPro’s Score: 60 points | Total: 530
Mark Lawrenson’s Score: 60 points | Total: 660

A poor midweek showing for both of us. 6 games predicted the correct way but no scores were spot on so we shared 60 points a piece.

No rest for the wicked, more action coming up this weekend. You can find our match predictions on them on our preview page.

GW13 (25/11/17)
GPro’s Score: 120 points | Total: 470
Mark Lawrenson’s Score: 70 points | Total: 600

As our EPL predictions team spoke about last week, Mark Lawrenson’s predictions are all over the shop. We slammed 2 correct score this week (nailing both the Liverpool – Chelsea and the Burnley – Arsenal match. Lawro struggled with just the one correct result – vthat being the West Ham – Leicester game.

We are closing him down now and ready to set it up. You can find our match predictions on for gameweek 14 our preview page.

GW12 (18/11/17)
GPro’s Score: 110 points | Total: 350
Mark Lawrenson’s Score: 120 points | Total: 520

Let’s be honest, Lawro’s EPL predictions for GW12 were pure luck. He bagged Burnley winning 2 nil when they hadn’t scored 2 goals in a home game all season. Whilst he matched two correct results to our 1, we still hung in there with a better all-round match prediction ratio.

Your luck is running out Mark and we are coming for you in GW13! You can find our match predictions on our preview page.

GW11 (04/11/17)
GPro’s Score: 60 points | Total: 240
Mark Lawrenson’s Score: 50 points | Total: 400

Lawro’s predictions were off this week. We let him off a bit by backing Arsenal to get a point at City. A few other games saw late goals (i.e. Bournemouth – which dented us, too).

Still, we edged out Mark Lawrenson’s predictions by hitting the 1-0 to Chelsea. Let’s get ready to rock as we head towards game week 12 lucky week! You can find our match previews on our preview page.

GW10 (28/10/17)
GPro’s Score: 40 points | Total: 180
Mark Lawrenson’s Score: 130 points | Total: 350

The Gpro team was creamed by Lawro’s EPL predictions this week. It was Sunday that proved the difference. Mark Lawrenson bagged a double with the Brighton (v Southampton) and Leicester results (v Everton) results being spot on for him.

A lucky week for the BBC’s Expert EPL tips man. We are up for the challenge – Let’s get ready to roll on game week 11 – here is our preview page.

GW9 (21/10/17)
GPro’s Score: 100 points | Total: 140
Mark Lawrenson’s Score: 70 points | Total: 220

The cream is starting to rise to the top! The GPro EPL predictions team clawed a few points back on Lawro thanks to a healthy double. We nailed both the Man City score and that of Leicester’s match.

Mark Lawrenson EPL predictions could only muster a single correct match result but he remained in touch by tipping Newscastle and Southampton for wins – which they both did. 

With the wind in our sails, we can’t wait to face off against Lawro’s BBC predictions in game week 10!

GW8 (14/10/17)
GPro’s Score: 40 points
Mark Lawrenson’s Score: 150 points

Mark Lawrenson’s EPL predictions weren’t too bad this week. The BBC’s top football expert hit three correct results – which was more than the expert EPL predictions made by our team. Well done Lawro – but we are confident of pegging you back next weekend. 

Image used (of Lawro) taken from Google images (Daily Mail).

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