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Next up on the list of different online blackjack games on offer at is Double Attack Blackjack. After reviewing Lucky Blackjack (which is awful in our opinion), let’s hope that this one is better.
Continue reading to find out how to play Double Attack Blackjack and exactly what we think of it.

What is Double Attack Blackjack?

As the name suggests, this variant of blackjack offers players the chance to attack those double bets which generally builds up the excitement as there is more cash on the table. There are a number of tweaks with double attack blackjack in comparison to the standard classic game; the most interesting is the option for the double bet after seeing the dealer’s first card. There is also the “Bust It’ sidebet which can be placed against the dealer busting their hand.

Overview of the basic rules for Double Attack Blackjack at

  • Played using 8 Spanish decks of cards (a Spanish deck consists of 48 cards – the tens have been removed)
  • Dealer ‘hits’ on 16 and below
  • Dealer ‘stands’ on soft 17
  • Player can double after splitting
  • Player can double at any point (i.e. after hitting the 3rd card, player can double on the 4th card)
  • Player can double only their initial bet or both
  • Dealer peeks for blackjack
  • Insurance pays 5:2
  • Blackjack pays 1:1
  • Surrender returns 50% of the total amount bet during that game
  • Stand or surrender after doubling
  • Split aces, player only receives one more card (per hand)

How to play Double Attack Blackjack

As usual, the easiest way to demonstrate the game is by rolling through a few hands so you can pick it up as we go.
Right, so the table is ready (below) and it’s time to play a few hands of online Double Attack Blackjack.

double attack blackjack
Place your first bet, let’s stick 1 mighty dollar on the table

Hit the ‘Deal’ button. The first dealer card appears (below). It is a 7 so we will add the Double Attack bet. Click ‘MAX DOUBLE ATTACK’

The player’s cards are now dealt. We have landed (a not too fantastic) 12. As we double attacked, it means we have 5 options to choose from as to what to do next:
1. Hit – take another card without adding any more money to the table
2. Stand – do not take a card and ride our luck with the cards we have
3. Double Initial – double the stake on the first wager placed ($1 again)
4. Double Max – double the stake on both wagers presently on the table
5. Surrender – cut out and lose 50% of the table value
As we are in a decidedly grey area here. The best option is to simply ‘hit’ but we could take a extra gamble and only double the initial bet.

We double the initial bet and hit a “magic” 9, giving us a total of 21. The dealer bust so we won – $2 profit on the initial bet (as that was doubled) and $1 profit on the double attack bet. Total $3 up.

Let’s go again and this time we’ll add the Bust It side bet. We have $1 on the main bet and another $1 on the side bet

The dealer draws an ace (ouch) so we will not place the double attack bet. We hit ‘Skip Double Attack. We draw 14 soft and are now offered insurance – which we will refuse. We know the dealer doesn’t have blackjack as the game has continued so that was a good refusal.

With our 14 soft, we only ‘Hit’, we draw an 8 which gives us 12.

There are now 4 options available: hit, stand, double initial or surrender. We hit and draw a 4 (16 total) and hit again and bust. We lost our initial bet and we didn’t win the side bet either. We will explain below the image about the Bust It side bet.

The Bust It side bet

Here the player can bet on the dealer going bust – which as most players know, does not happen as often as one would like.

The pay table is as follows
• If the dealer busts with 8,8,8 suited it is 200 to 1
• If the dealer busts with 8,8,8 all the same colour it is 50 to 1
• If the dealer’s bust card is a six it is 15 to 1
• If the dealer’s bust card is a seven it is 10 to 1
• If the dealer’s bust card is a eight it is 8 to 1
• If the dealer’s bust card is a nine it is 6 to 1
• If the dealer’s bust card is a face/picture it is 3 to 1

The house edge/casino advantage of the Bust It side bet using the above payouts is 8.01% so it is not worth entertaining in our opinion.

Would you like insurance?

The default sound settings uses a lady’s voice just simply says, ‘Insurance?’ with a rising intonation indicating it is in fact a question. This is a blackjack cover bet you can place if the dealer is showing an ace. With a casino advantage of 12.2%, the answer is ‘Forget it!’

When to Double Attack

According to the math, if the dealer shows 2 through to 8, then it is worth hitting the double attack button. Any higher card, just play the game with your single wager.

House Edge

This comes in a 0.62% if a player is using the optimal strategy but with the element of risk factor involved as the player is able to increase their bets if desired, the truer house edge/casino advantage comes down to 0.35%

Gamblers Pro Verdict

Double Attack Blackjack is a variant worthy of the esteemed blackjack name and this version on, which is powered by Playtech, has enough about it to keep us entertained for the evening without denting the bankroll too heavily. The option to double attack is always a treat and we also like the feature which allows us to only double the initial bet if we want. It all mounts up to plenty of different options per game which is something that appeals to most players – us included. We at Gamblers Pro do find the insurance and Bust It side bet a bit of a pointless addition to the game because the house edge tells us it’s in no way a value bet. Also blackjack only paying 1:1 is never nice – takes the gloss off of hitting it a touch – but with an overall house edge of 0.35% (at best), this is definitely one variation of online blackjack we will play again.

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