Diaz Vs McGregor 2 Fight Prediction

IT’S TIME! For Gamblers Pro’s Diaz Vs McGregor 2 fight prediction and betting tips article so let’s step in the octagon and get down to business.

UFC 202, which will be held at the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, features the eagerly anticipated re-match between Nate Diaz and the Notorious Conor McGregor. In the first bout, Diaz won by a second round submission but will the result be the same this time around?

According to the bookies – the simple answer is NO! The Notorious is (at the moment) the bookies favourite to avenge the loss he suffered at UFC 196. Here are the odds as they stood at the time of writing (Friday morning 19/8).

Screenshot taken from the Betfair sportsbook

diaz vs mcgregor odds

Screenshot taken from the Betfair betting exchange

diaz vs mcgregor fight prediction

Of note, if you fancy Conor then the sportsbook is the place to bet as the odds are slightly better – 1.8 compared to 1.77. however, for those of you who favour Nate, then it worth checking out the betting exchange because the odds are considerably better there for him as you can see above.

It seems a little bit strange that McGregor is odds on to win this but this is MMA and literally anything can happen. We must consider that at UFC 196, McGregor was meant to be fighting Rafael Dos Anjos. He would have trained for this particular opponent but due to injury RDA pulled out. After RDA’s withdrawal, the fight was offered to, and declined by, both Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar – thus it was Nate Diaz who stepped in on 8 days notice.

Due to the short notice, it was agreed that the fight would be at the catchweight 170 pounds. All credit to McGregor – this was a risky fight to take but I suppose he wanted his huge payday as much as the UFC wanted theirs. As it turned out – the gamble didn’t pay off. McGregor was wild in the first round – wasting far too much energy in an attempt to deliver a stunning K.O. – this was clearly not the right tactic when facing Diaz – a guy who has only been TKO’d once in his UFC career.

A gassed McGregor faded rapidly in the second and once Diaz caught him with a few tasty punches, we could see the end was nigh. And, so it proved as Conor went for a half-hearted takedown only to mounted by Diaz and a RNC was applied forcing Mystic Mac to submit.

So, the rematch was booked virtually instantly. UFC 200 was going to be redemption only for Dana White to pull the fight from the card when McGregor refused to fly to the US for a promotion gig – stating that he wanted to focus on his training and not do so much media this time round. At the time perhaps a foolish move on McGregor’s part but given how dire UFC 200 turned out, it seems that he had the last laugh.

So, with a full camp for both parties, which way will this UFC mega fight swing? Surely Conor will fight a lot smarter this time around, he knows what to expect and he would have studied the weaknesses of Nate Diaz and attack those which he can exploit. Plus Diaz has been doing shed loads of promotional work, which is new ground for him – these factors all play in favour of Conor.

But, and there is a but!

Gamblers Pro believes McGregor hit Diaz with some super shots in their first fight – shots which Diaz just walked through, not once was Diaz wobbled to the extent that McGregor could pounce in for the kill. Also, we saw that McGregor’s ground game is not on par with Nate Diaz’s Brazilian Ju Jitsu so we can only see the result being the same as the previous encounter.

We think Diaz is very good value at 2.22 on the betting exchange if you want to go for a simple wager but if you would like something more specific, then the 3.9 offered on Diaz by submission seems like the way to go – and that is where we will be placing our fiver this week.

Odds for the method of finish

nate diaz odds

That’s all from us, keep it clean and let’s hope for a truly awesome scrap between two top warriors.


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