Crown Casino Accused of Tampering with Slot Machines & Other Abuses

crown casino

Australia’s Crown casino is facing fresh allegations that it tampered with slot machines, ignored domestic abuse on its premises, and turned a blind eye to drug use. These accusations include directly tampering with ‘pokies’ machines to alter betting options.

The allegations were made by three ex-employees and have been heard in parliament, where one MP called them “chilling”.

The Crown responded by flatly denying the claims as authorities vowed to investigate further.

Further accusations accuse the crown of advising players on how to skirt around anti money laundering laws by using different IDs. As it stands, the Crown is legally obligated to report all transactions over $AU 10,000.

Video footage is the main source of the allegations, with ex-employees hiding their identities by wearing masks and using voice-altering software.

The Crown is currently engaged in a legal battle with an ex gambler who claims he was misled about his chances of winning.

Anti-gambling campaigner Andrew Wilkie said the allegations suggest the problem is “systemic”.

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