Virtual Reality Casinos

Virtual reality casinos provide an exciting experience for online gamers and offer an alternative to traditional online casinos. Check out the following list of approved sites by the crew.

You can enjoy the VR experience with anything from a simple $30 mobile headset to an advanced HTC Vive. We’re going to show you which VR casinos you can trust, how to play at them, and some of the interesting future possibilities of virtual reality.

The best VR casinos are listed directly below. Read some of their reviews and find out what bonuses and games they offer.

How Virtual Reality Casinos Work

While Virtual reality casinos sound advanced, the truth is you can start playing at them with a few clicks. They don’t work too differently from regular casinos.

For example, let’s look at the most popular VR casino – Slots Million. You sign up at this casino in the same way you would at any – by filling in a registration form and creating an account.

However, once you’re registered and set up, you’ll click the ‘VR Casino’ tab on the menu. You’ll then put on your headset and enter a virtual reality generated world.

From here, you can make your way around a 3D casino with various slot machines and features. At Slots Million, you’ll see a bar, various slot machines, the lighting and sounds will change as you move around, and even the weather changes outside the glass windows.

Once you start playing the games, things take a more traditional form. You’ll see the slot game screen in front of you just as if it was on a screen. Of course, it will seem a lot closer since it’s right in your field of vision.

At some other VR casinos, you’ll find table and card games with VR dealers. You’ll also see other players sitting at the table, which really does make things more lifelike.

Virtual reality casinos have a long way to go before they seem ‘realistic.’ Right now, it’s easy to tell you’re in a virtual world and they do have their limitations, but it’s a start and based on how fast sites like Slots Million are growing, VR casinos clearly have a future.

What Virtual Reality Casino Games Can I Play?

You can play most popular casino games at the top VR casinos. We’ve played the following:

VR Slots

These are by far the most common game. You’ll see the machines and stools as if you’re at a real casino. Once you choose a machine, the game screen will appear in your field of vision, and the reels will spin as normal. At some VR casinos, you’ll see the buttons as if you were playing a real screen and you’ll have to tap them to make the game function. These games are getting more lifelike with every year that passes.

VR Roulette

You’ll see the full roulette table and a VR dealer sitting by the wheel. When you place your bets on the digital game board, the dealer will spin the wheel and wins and losses will be calculated at the end of each spin. Some VR casinos are advanced, and you can see other players sitting at the tables smoking, drinking, and acting like real humans.

VR Blackjack

In virtual reality blackjack, you’ll sit at the table facing the dealer just like you would in a casino. You can sometimes see other players sitting at the table, but not at every casino. You’ll see a VR blackjack dealer in front of you, and the game will proceed as normal. Some games involve music, people smoking, and background sounds you would hear in a casino.

Other VR Casino Games

There are some other casino games at VR casinos such as baccarat, poker, and craps. We expect more and more VR casinos to come online in the next 5-10 years and virtually every casino game ever created to take a VR form.

Eventually, these games will become indistinguishable from reality. Don’t believe that? Think about the difference between the latest games console and the Sega Master System. VR tech and graphics are progressing much faster than they were back then, so we expect things to happen even faster.

What Gear Do I Need to Use a VR Casino?

Getting started is fairly simple, and you’ll be able to use VR casinos on most home computers and mobile devices. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Good VR Casino Account – We recommend playing at Slots Million. It’s by far the best VR casino online.
  • A VR Headset – These range from the Google Cardboard headset (a few dollars) to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (hundreds of dollars). Obviously, the better your headset, the better your VR experience will be.
  • A Capable Computer – Your computer will need to have an Intel Core i5 processor or greater. It will also need to be USB 3.0 capable. It’ll also need to have 8GB of RAM or more.
  • A Data Glove – In VR gaming, this replaces the traditional controller. It detects your presence and allows you to interact with various elements of the VR casino.