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Another variation of blackjack on offer at is Blackjack Super 21. It is hyped up on their website to be a thrilling version of the classic with unique twists to add to the players’ enjoyment.

However, it is not Gamblers Pro’s style to just take the casino’s word for it, so let’s get rolling and take a look under the cover of Blackjack Super 21.

If you can’t wait to try this game, scroll down to the bottom of this page where you can play Blackjack Super 21 for free without leaving our website.

Introduction to Blackjack Super 21

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In a nutshell, it is similar to the classic game of blackjack, but Blackjack Super 21 rewards 5 and 6 card hands in a more promising way than its big brother. For players whom have played a fair bit of online blackjack, you may have come across nearly identical versions (developed by other gaming software firms) such as Realtime Gaming’s Super 21 and Microgaming’s Super Fun 21 Blackjack.

Rules of Blackjack Super 21

A point of note which we have discovered here at Gamblers Pro is the lack of clear rules on offer for most of’s blackjack games. The payouts for certain hands are easy to unearth – especially for the hands which are being used to market the game but real players want to know how many decks are being used as this affects the not only the house edge but also the player’s blackjack strategy.

Therefore, in the interests of our readers, we take it upon ourselves to play as many hands as possible and compare our data with other gambling websites in order to provide what we believe to be accurate information.

  • the game is played using 2 or 6 standard decks. (note: we found a webpage stating it is only played with one deck but when playing the game we soon discovered this not to be the case)
  • Dealer draws on 16 or lower
  • Dealer stands on all 17s
  • Player can resplit a hand up to four times
  • Player can double after splitting
  • Player can double on any number
  • Player can surrender at any time
  • Player hand totaling 21 consisting of 5 or 6 cards beats the dealer’s blackjack and pays 2:1
  • Super blackjack is the ace of diamonds and a picture card of the same suit. This pays 2:1
  • Standard blackjack pays 1:1
  • Player’s blackjack beats dealer’s blackjack
  • Player hand of 6 cards totaling 20 wins regardless of dealer’s hand
  • Insurance pays at 2:1
  • player can play up to 5 hands simultaneously (per game)

How to Play Blackjack Super 21

As this variant of blackjack does not hold any twists like you find in Blackjack Switch or Double Attack Blackjack, the game play is basically identical to playing a standard game of classic blackjack.

Casino Advantage/House Edge

Again due to the lack of clear information provided, giving the exact percentage of the casino’s advantage is not possible. From our own research, we are placing the casino advantage/house edge at 1.30% (+/- 0.10%).

Gamblers Pro’s Verdict

Playtech’s Blackjack Super 21 at is a nice game but it does not have that ‘Wow!’ factor in our opinion. For us, it doesn’t offer enough benefit to make us choose this variant over playing a standard game of blackjack. In fact, as the house edge is a lot higher for Blackjack Super 21, we don’t see how deciding between the two forms mentioned is even a choice.

Given that experienced online and offline blackjack players have little to no interest in playing Super 21, I think that is a good enough indication that this game just doesn’t cut the mustard, overall.

Play Blackjack Super 21 for free on this site – simply click the game below to get started!

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