Aussie Slot Machines Reject New $5 Note

New Australian $5 note.=

Australia recently released a new $5 note, said to be almost impossible to counterfeit due to new security features which have also been designed to aid the vision impaired.

Yet pokies players around the country have been frustrated to find that a huge number of the machines are rejecting the new note.

No, this isn’t some ploy by those who designed it to clamp down on gambling, because pokies aren’t the only machine to reject the note – snack and vending machines have also been spitting it back out, leaving those off on their lunch hour having to go elsewhere.

Slot machine owners, including TAB, one of the biggest and best-known gambling machine firms in Australia, have been putting signs on their machines to advise would-be punters to use old notes.

170 million of the new notes have so far been printed and are in circulation, meaning a recall would be an expensive endeavour.

Some machine owners have contacted the companies that own the readers attached to them, and in some cases software updates have solved the issue. Many others, however, have been left with machines that can’t accept close to $1 billion in new notes.

Aussie players you’ve been warned – the new notes might not work and you’ll be left unable to enjoy your favourite pokies.

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