All Slots Online Casino Review

allslots is an online casino where you can play all your favourite casino games in one place. Since our purpose at Gamblers Pro is to review casinos online for you, so you can know who to trust and play with and who to avoid, we decided to take a look at this well-established internet casino and see what they’re worth.

So All Slots – What do they offer you as a player? Is the site any good? Read on to find out.

All Slots Website – Simple Online Slots

You might have guessed from the name, but the main focus of all slots is slots online. All the classic online slots games are immediately visible when you log onto the site and there’s no mistaking what this site is about – it’s slot city and they let you know it.

Those who love to spin will love this site. It’s well designed, easy to navigate and pretty straightforward. There aren’t any annoying popups or redirections to other sites – just a straight down the line online slots.

Despite this, slots aren’t the only thing available at All Slots. They also offer a mobile casino download and various other online table games as well as video poker.

The site is also mobile optimized and comes up well on tablet and mobile devices. Some sites neglect this, but All Slots have taken the time to optimize the site and even offer a mobile casino for those who prefer to download their favourite casino games.

We like the site. It’s nothing flash or fancy, it loads quickly, it’s easy to figure out and use, and it does exactly what it’s meant to do – takes you to the casino games you wants to play! 4.5/5 from us for the All Slots website!

All Slots Games

You can play plenty of slots online at this casino. Most are run by Microgaming, which is by far one of the best online slots designers on the planet. You can read our Microgaming review here.

At a quick glance we saw; Peekaboo slots, Lucky Twins, Avalon, Stardust, Serenity, Bullseye and Chain Mail. There are hundreds of varieties of slots games on the site and you’ll find something to suit your taste. Whether your a simple 3 or 4 paylines type of a multi-payline, hidden bonuses and progressive jackpots slots type, you’ll get your fix at All Slots without any hassle.


All slots also offer both download casinos and live casino games. They offer:

Live Roulette – You can see the hostess spin the wheel and play roulette live. Both single player and multi-player roulette games are available.

Live Baccarat – One of the oldest casino games known to man, with live, beautiful hostesses. Multi-player baccarat is available for those who are a bit more social.

Live Blackjack – This site offers multiplayer live blackjack as well as plain and simple blackjack live.

Live Poker – One game All Slots do not offer is online poker. You’ll have to head elsewhere if you want to play Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold Em or Pai Gow poker online.

This is by no means every live online casino game out there, but it’s enough to sink your teeth into and play for endless hours. The live games are pretty competitive and there’s a good community feel to them, which is always nice when enjoying any game.

We give the range of games on All Slots 3.5/5. For slots lovers this is a feast, but for poker players, craps players and keno lovers, not so much!

All Slots Bonuses & Loyalty Programs

All Slots will welcome you with a whopping $1600 welcome bonus. This is towards the higher end when it comes to online casino deposit bonuses. It’s essentially free casino cash and you can actually win jackpots using this free money, but you can’t withdraw the money itself, only the winnings you gain from betting with it.

There’s also a $30 no deposit bonus on offer from time to time. This means that you don’t even have to make a deposit and you’ll get free cash to spin with. You can’t ask for much more than that when it comes to free casino cash.

As you bet, All Slots also have a loyalty program. They offer 1 point for every $10 bet, and 1000 points gets you a free $10. For those who bet on the regular this soon adds up and again, what do you want for free?

There are also different levels of loyalty reward for All slots players. You start at bronze and can work your way up through the ranks climbing from silver to gold to platinum and then diamond. Regular players, you might as well get rewarded for playing at a site, right?

We give the bonuses and loyalty programs a solid 4/5. This isn’t the highest welcome bonus money on the online casino scene, but it’s certainly not a small amount and is a lot more than some other sites offer.

All Slots Reputation – Slots Online You Can Trust

There are virtually no bad reports about All Slots on the web. They are a long-standing site and have a good reputation for security and trust. These are big factors when selecting a casino online to play at.

When you sign up you’ll need an email address and payment method, like at every other internet casino. There are also plenty of reviews saying the payout times at this site are reasonable. They won’t make you wait for weeks to get your winnings like some other shady dealers, and you’ll have them within a few days in your bank account.

From what our experts have seen, All Slots gets 5/5 for reputation. You can’t go wrong with these guys!

All Slots Summary

All Slots is one of the better online casinos. You can rely on them, since they have great security and are running some of the best-designed casino software to be found anywhere.

Slots lovers, you have found your paradise! All Slots is the place for you, and with so many free spins options and lots of great slots games to choose from, you can spin ‘till your heart’s content.


Team GPro

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