A Total Guide to Slots Online – Past, Present & Future

slots barsYou might have noticed, but online casino slots bare a huge craze right now and no matter where you go on the web, you will find more and more slots titles popping up all over the place.

The quest to play online slots is somewhat of a feeding frenzy, with millions of new people logging on to the web every month as internet accessible becomes cheaper, faster, more widespread across the globe, and the price of the devices needed to access the web drop like a stone with the rise of mobile devices like Androids.

The best casino slot games are probably yet to come, and every generation that gets released seems to build on and outdo the last. What kind of slots titles we’ll see in the future as holographic technology and virtual reality come to the mainstream is anybody’s guess, but one thing is for sure: slots just keep getting better and better.

A Walk Down Memory Lane – Look How Far Slots Have Come!

If you typed ‘play slots online’ into a search engine in the early 90’s (not that search engines existed yet), you would have gotten a very different result than if you did the same thing today. Back then, the first online casino operators were just kicking off and there were only a handful of software providers programming very basic slots games.

Video slots certainly didn’t exist, and in fact some people will chuckle as they remember clicking a button to instruct a real dealer in a real casino to pull the bar on a physical slot machine, which you could watch via video.

Yet, despite their rudimentary nature, some of the best online slots are still the golden oldies. Classic slots like 7’s and Bars and Rock n Rolla are still hugely popular with players today, and are a feature of some of the best casino sites on the web. Not everybody is after cutting edge Marvel themed slots with every bonus round and hidden feature under the sun – some old school players still just want to spin the bars and try their luck.

As companies like Playtech and then NetEnt and Microgaming pushed things forward, slots with larger numbers of paylines and then bonus rounds, multipliers and extra features made their way onto the scene. Eventually, as technology and graphics improved, these gave way to your modern day video slots which can sometimes look more like video games than plain old slots!

Online casino slot machines sure have come a long way since those days, and we predict some massive changes in the coming 5-10 years. Let’s use our imaginations to think about what the slots of the future might be like.

Time Warp: What Will Slots be Like 10 Years from Now?

Technology changes at warp speed, and just when you think you’ve caught up to it, it’s already leaps and bounds ahead again. Naturally, the online casino industry develops and changes as competitors battle it out to bring the latest and greatest features and experiences to potential players.

The best casino online slots in the coming years will make use of some of the cutting-edge developments in tech which are just about coming to the fore today, and are set to explode into the mainstream in the next few years. Some of these are:
Virtual Reality – It’s no secret that Mark Zuckerberg and the other tech pioneers have been pushing hard to bring virtual reality to the masses for a few years now. We’re likely to see this happen in 2017 or 2018 in a major way, and you can fully expect the slot casino games coming out in the next few years to make full use of this up and coming tech trend.

Don’t be surprised if instead of logging into your web portal or mobile casino you’re strapping on a VR headset and being transported from your sofa to a virtual reality casino you can hardly distinguish from reality. As the reels spins, VR dealers could hold conversations with you and you could literally be taken on wild bonus round riders and many other exciting things. This is one to watch out for and will make the best casino slot machines online a new level of fun.

Holographic Technology – Now, this trend might be a little while off, but it’s coming. Music artists have made use of holographic technology already, and it won’t be too long before the casino industry catches on and uses it too.

What about a live dealer popping out of a device on your desk to deal electronic cards? How about an electronically generated slot machine hologram appearing in your living room, giving you the impression that it is physically there? This may sound like sci-fi, but if you’d told your granddad you’d be talking in live time to your friends across the globe and sharing photographs from Sydney to Stockholm in less than a second, he’d have said the same thing! Holographic technology may take a little longer to develop, but it is coming, and when it does it will change the face of casino online slots forever.

Enhanced Graphics – Anybody who plays video games will know that it can be difficult to distinguish what’s real from what’s electronic these days. Graphics have come a long way since old Sonic the Hedgehog and the Mario Bros, and the online casino gaming industry has seen big changes as a result of this, too.

Enhanced graphics in the coming years will mean even more features being added to online casino slot machines. You could be going on literal quests as side and bonus rounds, and combined with virtual reality as outlined above, this has scary potential to change things beyond recognition. Online slot machines probably won’t be as heavily influenced by new generation graphics as video games, but anybody who has been around long enough can see that things have come a long way since Bars n Stripes and Stickers, and they will evolve and change even more so in the near future.

The Best Slot Machine Games Online

Well, that’s the past and the future covered, but what about right now in the present?

Some of the absolute best casino video slot games come from Playtech, a household name in the world of slots gaming with some incredible blockbuster titles, Marvel themed slots and a whole catalog of classics too.

When it comes to playing, we recommend only the very best online casinos, and it would be difficult to beat Casino.com for a Playtech slots experience. They offer a full range of games from classic to contemporary, an extremely generous welcome bonus, services in more languages than we can count, and they accept a wide range of currencies from around the world so wherever you are playing from and whatever you are looking for, you can be sure there’s something for you.

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