5 Tech Trends Set to Change Online Casinos Forever

For those of us who love to play cards or spin slots, the online casino revolution was a big benefit and brought us instant access to our favourite games no matter where we are.

Things changed a lot when casinos caught on to the online craze. The industry has grown from year to year, and in 2015 it officially passed the $41bn USD mark, which is mind-boggling to think about!

In fact, some argue this is the reason politicians in the US clamped down on online gambling in many states since they were losing so much gambling revenue to offshore, online casinos in places like Malta and Costa Rica.

There’s no doubt the internet changed the industry, but how are some of the tech trends we are seeing now going to change things in the future?

Let’s explore.

5 Tech Trends which will Change Online Casinos Forever

Artificial Intelligence – AI is coming, and it’s coming quicker than many people think. In fact, it already exists, so it’s more accurate to say it’s coming to the masses.

While we’re far off a singularity scenario where an evil computer takes over the world Transcendence style, AI is getting smarter and cheaper, and very soon those online casino games are going to be unbeatable.

The crazy thing is, they will learn individual player habits at a pace you can’t even comprehend, and devise strategies to defeat you. When this occurs, you can bet that players abandon digital games and live dealer casino games rise in popularity.

Some online casinos will shun AI since they don’t want to scare players off, but how will you really know?

Biometric Security – Security features currently reserved for smartphones are soon going to make their way onto the web. Google have spoken openly about using thumbprint scanners to access emails at some point in the future, and some smartphones already use retinal recognition (that’s scanning the eyeball) to unlock phones.

Both of these security features will make their way onto the web in the coming few years. This will have positive impacts on the online casino world, reducing account hacks and theft of balances, and it will most likely lead to less fraudulent casino operators since it won’t be long before webmasters also have to submit their biometric data to register a domain.

This will be a sad day for privacy, but a good one for online casino players worried about getting ripped off or becoming victims of theft or fraud.

Virtual Reality – You might have noticed, but giant tech companies are in a huge race right now to be the first onto the Virtual Reality scene.

When that happens, playing at online casinos through a website as we know it will be a thing of the past. Within a few years, you will be able to sit on your sofa and roam around a virtual casino world which will feel eerily like the real deal.

With graphics now catching up to levels where they are barely distinguishable from reality, VR will be making its presence felt across all industries before 2020. You can expect the online casino experience to change forever when it happens.

You might even be able to roam around the floor of the Bellagio, feeling like you have the entire place to yourself!

Hologram Technology – Anybody who saw Dr. Dre reanimate 2Pac and bring him back to life on stage for a rendition of one of his classics will know that hologram technology is not as far-fetched as it initially seems. It’s already been done plenty of times, and it won’t be long before it hits the mainstream.

Could we see a time when a hologram style dealer pops out of your laptop in miniature and deals some cards in a game of live dealer blackjack the likes of which we’ve never seen?

This one might be a fair way off, but there’s no doubt it will happen eventually.

Mega Jackpots – Did you know that there are still 3 billion people who aren’t connected to the web, but who are going to come online before 2050?

Combine another 3 billion potential players with the rise of social gaming and things like slots tournaments, which already have jackpots crossing the million dollar threshold, and we could end up with a scenario where slots tournaments pay out jackpots usually reserved for lottery wins.

Could we see a billion dollar jackpot slots tournament? It’s not likely at the moment, but with online gambling growing at a breakneck pace and billions more people lined up to connect to the online gambling scene, an all-out, global, battle royale style tournament doesn’t seem as out of the realms of the possibility, even if it does seem a little far-fetched for now.

Even if it never gets that big, we’ll see jackpots and payouts increase as more and more players bail in to keep the global online casino carnival ticking 24-7, 365. As mobile technology gets faster, cheaper and easier to use, more and more players are going to bail in and try to scoop their share of the winnings.

Tech Trends for Online Casinos Summary

Technology always shakes up industries, and online gambling and casinos are no exceptions.

Some of these will come sooner and some will come later, but they’re all coming, and the majority of them aren’t as far off as you might first think.

One thing is for certain, in whatever order they come, these tech trends are going to change online gambling forever.

That can only be a good thing in my book. After all, without evolution and innovation, there would be nothing. Online casinos and players will both benefit from these changes.

What do you think? What other changes are on the horizon in the future?
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