Mobile Blackjack – A Guide

mobile blackjackMobile blackjack games are high in demand! All over the web, casinos are sprouting up to meet the insatiable demand for digital versions of one of the worlds favourite casino games. Every casino worth its salt is offering blackjack in some shape or form, but mobile blackjack is where the growth is in the industry.

In this handy guide we’ll cover it all – a little history of blackjack, what it is, how to play, what to watch for, and a basic strategy that can help you win a fair amount of the time. Never listen to anyone who tells you they have an unbeatable mobile blackjack strategy – it isn’t possible to win every time, but we’ll show you a way to win most of the time, which is good enough for veteran players!

So let’s not waste any time. Let’s dive right in – starting with a little history.

Blackjack on Mobile is New – Where Did it Begin?

It’s impossible to pinpoint the exact origins of blackjack, but most students of the game agree that it most likely originated in France, in and around the 1700s. It was originally simply called ‘21’, and some people still call it that today.

From there, it spread all over the continent of Europe and eventually to America, Australia and beyond as Europeans traveled the globe. Of course, we needn’t cover the ground between the original casino card versions and the latest mobile blackjack app today, since that’s pretty easy to figure out – it’s simply the trend of the times, as the internet has grown and exploded in size, so to have digital versions of all kinds of games – blackjack included!

Yet digital versions aren’t the only kind that can be enjoyed in today’s cutting edge tech world. Thanks to advances in video streaming technology and the higher capacity of broadband, players can also enjoy mobile live blackjack against real dealers, just as if they’re sitting at the casino tables.

That about brings us up to today!

How to Actually Play Blackjack

The objective of blackjack is given away in its original name. The aim of the game is to get a combination of cards equaling 21, or as close to it as possible without going ‘bust’, which means over 21.

Players will receive two cards to begin with, and can assess from this initial hand whether they want to play the cards dealt, surrender and pass on a bet, or request a ‘hit’, meaning another card.

Card values are simple enough, and they are the same in both real world games and the best mobile blackjack games. Face cards are worth ten, numbered cards are worth whatever number is written on them, and aces can be worth either one or eleven, and it’s up to the player to decide.

So, for example, if you’re dealt a jack and an ace, you have blackjack, or 21. If you receive a nine a six, you have fifteen.

If nobody gets 21, including the dealer, the highest combination under 21 wins.

It’s partly the simplicity of the game that attracts so many players and is responsible for the meteoric popularity of mobile blackjack real money.

The Advantages of Mobile Blackjack

As with all casino games online these days, mobile versions are sweeping away the competition and slowly coming to dominate the game. That’s an undeniable fact, with mobile gambling now controlling a majority of the industry globally. As mobile devices get faster, smarter and cheaper, expect that trend to continue as more and more players come online from all over the world.

In order to attract some of the huge number of mobile players, many casinos are offering mobile blackjack free to try. This is one of the advantages of playing on a mobile device, and we’ll look into how to get access to it a little later.

Some other reasons players prefer the mobile versions of the game include:

Convenience – Gaming with your feet up on the couch or while traveling home on the tube or bus is attractive to most players today. Those pesky long waits are so much easier to handle when you can log on and play mobile casino blackjack or your other favourite games.

Extra Bonuses – Just as with slots, poker and every other casino game for mobiles, blackjack players are often offered an extra large bonus if they’re playing on mobile devices. As we said earlier, this is where the growth is in the industry and casinos are keen to attract and entice new players in. They’ll offer bigger a bigger mobile blackjack no deposit bonus, for example, if you play on a mobile phone or tablet device.

No Pressure – Sitting at the live tables with real players and dealers can make new players nervous. There’s a pressure to go along with the flow of the game that can lead to rushed decision and strategic mistakes. None of this exists on mobile games, and you could even sit back with a mobile blackjack cheat sheet to help you remember the hands and make decisions on when to bet, when to request a hit and when to surrender.
Downloadable Casinos – Some players prefer to download the games via apps and programs to their devices for easier access. Logging onto sites can become tedious and annoying and many players enjoy the ease and simplicity of a blackjack mobile download.

Then again, this very same fact can put some players off, who prefer to log onto a site and don’t like downloading apps. It’s worth noting that not all mobile casinos make you download – in some cases, logging into the live site through a mobile device is still possible. If a download is required, it should always be a free mobile blackjack download – never pay to download the game.

There are many other reasons players might prefer mobile versions of their favourite games, but those covert the main reasons most end up going mobile. The bigger bonuses alone are enough to convince most who are flirting with the idea! Whether it’s free mobile blackjack games or the real money kind, there are just too many good reasons to go mobile.

A Quick Blackjack Strategy for Winning

As with any other game, it isn’t possible to win every single time, no matter what anybody tells you. If someone is selling you an unbeatable blackjack strategy, it’s most likely a con – we’re sorry to burst your bubble – but it’s true! Mobile blackjack codes that allow you to hack into the games source code and manipulate it are one such ridiculous idea we’ve seen pawned online. That, and ideas like it, will never fly!

A great rule to stick to is the rule of 19. If the cards you have been dealt add up to 19, play your hand, as there’s a good chance you’ll win and it’s almost sure you’ll go bust if you request a hit.

On the other hand, if you find yourself with less than 19, the odds are not in your favour. In this case, you can request a hit and take your chances. If you go bust, c’est la vie and there will be another round starting soon enough.

Always stick to this rule when playing mobile blackjack for real money, or at real world casinos. It isn’t fail safe, but it will increase your chances of walking away up money.

Oh, and always ride lady lucks coat tails when she makes an appearance and walk away when she leaves. All veteran players will testify to this simple rule of thumb!

How to Play Mobile Blackjack Free

Wherever you are in the world, whether you’re looking for mobile blackjack UK or anywhere else, free games are available so you can try your strategies out and get a feel for the game. In fact, we recommend playing a few free hands before betting any real money. While you might understand the theory inside out and upside down, there’s nothing like good old fashioned experience.

One of the best ways to play free is to look for a great mobile blackjack no deposit bonus offer. This means the casino will literally deposit free cash to play with in your account so you can try the games on offer out for free. If at the end you don’t think this is the game for you or there’s something you don’t like about the casino, you can walk away without obligation.

We highly recommend you play mobile blackjack at – these guys are one of the top names in the business, with a sterling reputation for trustworthiness and game quality. They also offer an extra tasty 300% deposit bonus for new mobile players, as opposed to 200% for desktop players. Click the banner below for instant access!


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