10 Facts about Poker


Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. With the rise of online poker and mobile poker sites, it’s exploding and growing at a pace casino sites can’t keep up with.

You can now play in live poker tournaments against players from all over the world from the comfort of your own home. Some of the pots are massive, and you wouldn’t be the first player ti win life-changing jackpots as a result of winning an online poker tournament.

To celebrate our love for what is arguably the best and most exciting game in the world, we’ve compiled a quick list of ten facts about poker for those who also enjoy the game.

10 Quick Facts about Poker

Poker Fact #1

Over 40 million people play poker regularly around the world. This doesn’t include casual players and one off poker players, this is the number of people who make enjoying games of poker a regular part of their lives. That’s a huge number, by any standards!

Poker Fact #2

The largest prize pool in poker is known was “The Big One” and was held between July 1st-3rd in 2012. Buy in was a staggering $1 million and $111,111 was a donation to charity.

Poker Fact #3

Online Poker Jackpots have risen steadily since the concept was launched. Poker jackpots online now regularly sit in the high 6 figures, with pots of $800k and beyond available at major online tournaments.

These haven’t broken the records set by real life tournaments yet, but with more and more people piling in to play poker online, it’s only a matter of time before poker online takes the crown.

Poker Fact #4


The World’s largest poker room is at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. It features 160 tables and holds regular tournaments. The casino suspended its sponsorship with the LA clippers last year after racist comments by Donald Sterling.

Poker Fact #5

Online poker is played all over the world, by Russia currently has the most online poker players. It may have been the USA in the past, but with federal regulations to manage and curb online gambling, Russia currently has the greatest number of players on the web.

Poker Fact #6

Poker is illegal in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Algeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Vatican City, North Korea and the Cayman Islands. The last one shocks most people, since it’s known as an offshore tax haven and popular tourist destination.

Poker Fact #7

Projects imply that the online poker industry alone will see $2 billion change hands by 2018. Poker is actually an economy, and a very large one at that!

Poker Fact #8


24-year-old Joe McKeehen is the current world poker champion, scooping victory in the WSOP this year. It went down to the wire, but Joe took home $7.6 million, making him one very rich 24 year old.

Poker Fact #9

The ratio of male to female poker players is roughly 9:1. While poker is still a very male-dominated game, there are some extremely talented female pro players including Vanessa Selbst.

Poker Fact #10


A single Facebook poker app, Zynga poker, has seen 350 million players. Millions of people use the app to play poker every day from all around the world. Clearly, poker is a popular game!

So there you have it. 10 random yet interesting facts about poker. Are you a poker player? Does you have excellent poker stories or stats for us to share in our next piece? Leave us a comment or contact us to let us know.


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